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Are you aware that upgrading your kitchen is one of the most popular methods to increase the value of your home? This is because it is the most used room in the house, it is critical to keep maintaining it, both for your own happiness and for functionality. The disadvantage, though, is that kitchen remodeling may be costly, especially if you make mistakes along the way or don’t have contractor accounts at supply stores.

So how do you maximize the value of your kitchen remodel on a shoestring budget? We’re delighted you’ve asked. Here are some simple and economical ways to update the look of your kitchen for a fraction of the cost of a full redesign.

Cabinets Should Be Refreshed Rather Than Replaced

By and large, all tear-out-and-replace projects cost more than ones that reuse the majority of the components. Kitchen cabinetry is an excellent example of this. New kitchen cabinets can be quite costly, especially if you require components that are custom-made to match your area. Fortunately, there are eco-friendly and cost-effective options to refurbish your current cabinets.

Painting: A time-honored approach to upgrading kitchen cabinets is just to paint them. Sanding, cleaning, and painting cabinets can be a lengthy procedure, depending on the number of cabinets you have in your kitchen area. However, it is easy enough that even beginners can obtain satisfactory results. Here are some new kitchen design trends for remodeling and kitchen colours.

Refacing: Adding a new veneer to the cabinet boxes and replacing the doors and drawer fronts completely is more expensive than painting. This is tough to accomplish on your own, as it demands tools and skills that the majority of do-it-yourself-ers lack. However, it is still less expensive than purchasing entirely new cabinets and will drastically transform the design of your kitchen.

Kitchen Hardware and Cabinets

Hardware: Consider changing the hardware in addition to the cabinet finish. Oftentimes, new knobs and handles are all that is required to breathe new life into existing cabinets.

Shelving: Rather than replacing cupboards or refinishing existing ones, consider putting some open shelving. Shelves are a low-cost option that may be readily matched to the design of your kitchen, giving it an open, commercial-style impression.

If replacement cabinets are necessary, search for ready-to-assemble solutions. Assembling the items yourself is often not difficult, saving you money on labor expenditures. However, finding the perfect fit for your kitchen can be difficult, especially if you have unusual angles.

Shop Locally for Custom Kitchens to Prevent having to Redo the Plan

Consider all of your possibilities if you’re replacing all of your cabinets. While pre-assembled box cabinets may appear to be the cheapest alternative at first glance, keep in mind that these cabinets may lack long-term durability. Many custom local woodworkers will rip out and build a kitchen for the same price as some professional kitchen designers, so you may get more bang for your buck by seeking local suggestions from others who have used the services before.

If you’re content with the layout of your kitchen and only want a minor update, work with your contractor or kitchen builder to preserve as much of the existing layout as possible to save money. Changing the physical arrangement of a kitchen, such as the location of an oven, a sink, or a wall would require rewiring and plumbing, which will incur substantially greater expenditures. This is the major difference working with a kitchen design planner, they already know what you are going to run into, and know how to maximize the space, by giving you all the features you want.

Consider Remodeling Your Home in Stages

If you’re on a tight budget, postpone a few projects till later. This will help stretch out the price of the kitchen makeover, allowing you to save for the next one.

Kitchen Remodeling in Stages

Backsplashes can be placed at any time following the installation of your countertops and cabinets. If you’re sick of looking at Sheetrock, consider wallpapering, a simple project that’s also inexpensive. Adding glass to cabinet doors is a simple and low-cost project that can be completed at any time. Hardware replacement is one project that might cost hundreds of dollars.

Make Your own Countertops

Depending on your skills, you can save a significant amount of money on countertops. Granite is the most popular choice, like the one pictured below by Cambria and you might check to see if you can score a granite remnant, although finding enough remnants to cover all of your kitchen’s surfaces can be challenging.

Apart from the traditional granite, you may really construct your own countertops out of cement—albeit with considerable effort. Choose to install your new laminate countertop yourself for the simplest and most cheap alternative. All you need is a trim router equipped with a flush-trim bit, a laminate roller, dowels, and adhesive to create a new laminate countertop in an afternoon. Certain types of new laminates even let the addition of a new layer to an old laminate. In other words, if you do decide to put laminate on your kitchen counter, don’t forget to add in the cost of having a plumber put in a new sink or re-plumb your sink.

Leave Appliances in Their Original Locations

If you’re planning to replace your cabinets, consider leaving your appliances in the same place as before. In addition to the cost of moving hookups and the electrical for appliances, anything from the ceiling, floor or the walls may have to be cut in order to expose the electrical boxes or to accommodate new wiring. These are all additional expenses that many homeowners overlook when considering a kitchen remodel project.

Maintaining the appliances in their current locations will save you hundreds of dollars. Frequently, moving an appliance one-foot costs as much as moving it six feet, depending on the location of the mechanicals.

Kitchen Design for Appliances

Combine your Pre-Owned and New Items

Use your existing cabinets instead of buying new ones and you’ll be amazed at how much of a difference new trim makes in the appearance of your kitchen, even if you have to spend thousands of dollars on it. Adding crown moulding trim or under-trim to your box cabinets can change them into something that looks like custom built-ins. Add crown trim to cabinets that have a lot of empty space at the top to make your kitchen appear larger. Additionally, with emerging trends in wood color mixing, it is less vital to have a uniform tone, so you may even save money by mixing wood trim colors.

Whether you opt to install new cabinets or reface existing ones, replacing the hardware will significantly improve the look of your kitchen at a lower cost. Additionally, you can search online or in local resale shops for entire hardware sets for an upscale and unique appearance. Consider energy-efficient fixtures for long-term savings on energy and utility expenses!

Think beyond the box when it comes to installing a new kitchen island or hiring a contractor to build one, which may involve additional permissions and codes. Moveable islands will help you achieve the aesthetic you desire while also saving you money on building costs.

If you want the look and usefulness of an island without the cost and effort of building one, consider adding castors to an existing table or even a thrift cart to create a movable, working island.

Need a Little Remodeling Help?

Before embarking on a kitchen remodeling project, it is essential to have a plan and discuss it with your wife. This is especially true if you have no idea about designing, construction, or haven’t tackled a renovation project like this before. Once you have done your homework and found your inspiration, it is only an experienced professional who can offer expert advice and ensure that you have a clear picture of what you are getting into.

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