Everybody dreams of a perfect home. Now is the time to stop dreaming. Choose Truax Design and make your ideas for the perfect home a reality.

Looking for Inspiration?

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At Truax Design, we understand the real power of imagination. It’s the essential force behind innovation and cutting-edge design. From highlighting architectural details to create depth, adding interest with decorative elements such as door handles and cabinet pulls, to the application of dynamic colours and textures, creativity and imagination stands at the centre of everything we do!

Come See Us at Our Windsor Showroom

When you’re hunting for some fresh ideas or wanting to stay up to date with the current design forecast, our showroom is your destination. We offer a diverse range of products that allow you to explore style options, consider your functional needs and get the proper feel for a variety of materials. Showcasing 3, soon to be 4 display kitchens, it’s easy to visualize your new dream kitchen. Boasting over 40 doors, a vast hardware collection and stylish storage solutions, we make it easier to visualize the look of your completed project. Trim and Doors are one example of how to add detail and elegance to your home. We offer a variety of styles on display, including modern, traditional, transitional and showcase attractive alternatives to installation.

Our design experts are always available to ask the right questions and take your inspiration to the next level!

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Give our team a call today if you’re planning on renovating or starting a new build from scratch. Better yet, come see us at one of our locations. You’ll find us in Strathroy and Windsor. We have a massive showroom at our Windsor location that will help you get inspired, so don’t wait any longer—choose Truax Design today.