Premium Cambria Countertops Vs Granite

  Cambria countertops is the brand name that has become synonymous with premium quartz quality. When it comes to countertops, a classic material that homeowners often choose is granite. It is a natural stone, and every slab offers a unique look. Another stone that matches the popularity of granite is premium quartz. Which has many […]


Bathroom Fixtures for your Next Remodeling Project

  Are you planning a bathroom remodeling project? Then, you should definitely take the help of an expert bathroom contractor to help you figure out the essentials and technicalities. But your dream bathroom needs bathroom fixtures that will make you want to spend more hours in there. The perfect fixtures will complement the design choices […]


Kitchen design rules you should break 2021

The concepts and ideas in kitchen designs through out the years have changed over time. In many ways, you’ll still find many design traditions and some outdated kitchens in homes. When you are starting to plan out a new kitchen design you should break these rules in 2021. It is the only way you can […]


Kitchen Remodeling Stores Near Me

How often do you look for kitchen remodeling stores near you – and get thoroughly discouraged by their complex descriptions and high-end prices? Do you wonder if the tall promises they make are worth trusting or not? It’s not just kitchens. Bathroom remodeling can seem pretty intimidating, too, and so do all house renovations without […]


Creating Custom Closets of Your Dreams

How often do you look at the closet in your and wish it were a little different? Sure, a closet can turn the chaos in your house into order. But it also hides a tiny Amazon Forest inside. Whenever you angrily shove clothes inside, hating that you don’t have the sections or shelves you need, […]


Kitchen and Bath Showroom Near Me

Are you planning of making changes to your home to give it a new look? Looking to make changes to the kitchen or bathroom? One of the most popular destinations is the Truax Design Centre Showroom. You can get all of your questions answered at our kitchen and bathroom showroom, where you will find expert […]

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