Kitchen Remodeling Stores Near Me

How often do you look for kitchen remodeling stores near you – and get thoroughly discouraged by their complex descriptions and high-end prices? Do you wonder if the tall promises they make are worth trusting or not? It’s not just kitchens. Bathroom remodeling can seem pretty intimidating, too, and so do all house renovations without […]


Creating Custom Closets of Your Dreams

How often do you look at the closet in your and wish it were a little different? Sure, a closet can turn the chaos in your house into order. But it also hides a tiny Amazon Forest inside. Whenever you angrily shove clothes inside, hating that you don’t have the sections or shelves you need, […]


Kitchen and Bath Showroom Near Me

Are you planning of making changes to your home to give it a new look? Looking to make changes to the kitchen or bathroom? One of the most popular destinations is the Truax Design Centre Showroom. You can get all of your questions answered at our kitchen and bathroom showroom, where you will find expert […]


New Kitchen Design Trends for 2021

Interior design ideas keep changing every year, and they reflect in kitchen design trends for 2021. Are you planning to redecorate your kitchen? You must be wondering what the 2021 kitchen design trends must be! Don’t worry – we are here with the best new designs for a modern kitchen! Kitchen Design Trends 2021 From […]


Energy Efficient Exterior Doors for Your Home

You know how Canadian winters last forever, right? It’s no surprise that around 60% of the energy used in a Canadian home is spent on heating. To help save energy costs, you can invest in energy efficient exterior doors at the key points of heat transfer and air leakage in the house. You can take […]


Kitchen Makeovers in Windsor

Bored with your current kitchen? How about giving your bland white kitchen a complete makeover with installing new kitchen cabinets? Kitchen makeovers can change the look and feel of your kitchen and create an ambiance that will get you excited to cook in the kitchen. It should also make your job more convenient. The kitchen […]

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