5 Reasons to Make Your Kitchen the Heart of Your Home

There’s a saying along the lines of “home is where the heart is.” But what’s at the heart of your home? It should probably be your kitchen! The kitchen is for cooking meals, gathering and sharing meals… which affects everyone in your household. It is also a surprising source of self-expression and may affect the […]


Begin Your Home Remodeling Journey with Truax

After spring cleaning comes summer, and hopefully a vacation 🙂 But with less people traveling these days, more people are focused on home renovation projects. Let our professional team help you with your home remodeling journey. Depending on what type of renovations you need, we will tailor the design process to your home and budget. […]


What is a Galley Kitchen?

Who said you need an enormous space to build your dream kitchen? Even a small area in the corridor has the potential for a stunning contemporary kitchen. A galley kitchen design might transform your home if you have limited space for cooking. But what are galley kitchens, and what kind of a kitchen layout do […]


6 Ways to Save on Kitchen Remodeling Costs

Are you aware that upgrading your kitchen is one of the most popular methods to increase the value of your home? This is because it is the most used room in the house, it is critical to keep maintaining it, both for your own happiness and for functionality. The disadvantage, though, is that kitchen remodeling […]


Kitchen Planning & Design Mistakes to Avoid

Planning to redesign your kitchen? Sometimes we can go to great lengths scouring the internet to get some inspiration. But be careful! It’s easy to get swayed by picture perfect designs that you see online. However, without working with the right kitchen design team some things might not be suitable for your kitchen! Let’s take […]


What to Do Before You Remodel Your Kitchen

A kitchen remodel or renovation project can be exciting and at the same time quite daunting. You know that your dream kitchen is about to make your life a whole lot easier, but… you will also need to think about many other factors. Before you remodel your current kitchen, you need a plan. Doing so […]

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