Basic Steps of Kitchen Remodeling in Windsor Ontario

The kitchen is the most important room in your house, as it probably gets the most use. It’s the heart of your home; a space to prepare your meals, entertain guests and make sweet memories. A kitchen renovation can breathe new life into your living space or make a new house finally feel like home. […]


Installing a Basement Bathroom (Everything You Need to Know!)

Many people think about installing another bathroom in their house, if they only have one available. Especially in a different level of the home, like their basement. While the idea may seem tantalizing at first, it is important to realize that it requires time, money, and proper planning. So, what do you need to know […]


How to Design the Kitchen Island of your Dreams

A kitchen island is what it sounds like: a piece of furniture in the center of your kitchen used for meal preparation. Even though kitchen islands originated as kitchen countertops, this new addition can help be a table, extra storage space, or a spot for your new Youtube cooking show! More elaborate islands can even […]


Key Benefits to Adding a Mudroom to Your Home

Winter is coming, and with winter comes messy snow. If you are tired of having dirty snow tracked all over the house, maybe it’s time to consider getting a mudroom. But what is a mudroom, and why should your house have one? Read on to learn more about a room you probably wondered about but […]


7 Simple Bathroom Design Rules

Is something missing in your bathroom layout, but you can’t pinpoint what? Maybe you’ve unwittingly broken some bathroom design rules. Bathrooms have secret guidelines for maximum comfort and aesthetic appeal. Here are seven simple bathroom ideas to make your boring bathroom more beautiful. You probably did some of them without realizing it or altering your […]


10 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for Windsor Homes

If your bathroom suffers from old drab paint, warped or chipped countertops, and an overall look that is set way back to the 70’s, it may be time to consider a new bathroom design.Truax Design can help you find your bathroom’s new look and functionality. Check out some of our inspiring ideas for bathroom remodeling […]

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