Bathroom Remodel Tips

Creating a dream bathroom is easier to achieve than many people realize. Bathroom remodeling costs can be really low when you work with some expert designers, and get bathroom remodel tips form the pros.

Something great about bathroom renovation projects is that the whole space can change by removing a couple of the existing fixtures to make room for new ones. What are those key fixtures that can be changed to notice an actual difference? That’s exactly the question that the best bathroom remodel tips from Truax Design Centre will answer.


1. Changing the Bathroom Layout

Some older home bathrooms were just poorly designed; there’s truly no other way to put it. Both the shower and the toilet are crammed into enclosed spaces in favor of leaving the rest of the room for a large counter space and two medicine cabinets.

While it’s a good idea to have plenty of floor space to go through a skincare routine and put some makeup on, most bathroom designers would agree that changing the bathroom layout to feature a walk-in shower is even better. One of the common bathroom remodeling mistakes is overvaluing extra storage space.

2. Adding a Bathtub

Most people don’t enjoy their bathroom fixtures; they get by with the bare minimum. If they were honest with themselves, though, they’d admit that their dream bathroom has a soaker bathtub in it. There’s no shame in adding other elements, such as heated floors, which can be things people actually enjoy.

Sometimes, Bathroom design consultants need to tell homeowners that it’s okay to enjoy their time in their own bathrooms. There will probably be a need to set up additional plumbing hookups when installing a heavy bathtub. However, if that’s what it takes to get hot water running toward the tub, it’s worth it.

3. Removing the Tile and Grout Floors?

Speaking of heated floors, if the remodeling project calls for an upgrade to the flooring, it can be a great chance to remove old floor tiles. It’s not that these types of floors look bad in bathrooms. Dirty grout lines certainly don’t help, but if it’s a clean bathroom, porcelain tiles can fit the space just fine.

The problem with some of the older ceramic tile floors that are still found in homes is precisely that they look as if they were from another era. A bathroom remodeling project is the perfect excuse to upgrade these features.

4. Choosing the Right Colors for the Bathroom

Outdated color schemes on bathroom walls can also contribute to making the area feel out of place and potentially unwelcoming. Neutral color options are typically preferred in these parts of the house. There’s usually no good reason to choose extremely bright colors. These “safer” colors, mixed with basic tile designs, can give the room a decent look.

5. Creating Natural Light Sources

Dark bathrooms tend to be unsafe, particularly if people have to scramble to find the light switch when they enter the room at night. Another reason to create natural light sources is to prevent major mold issues. Being able to open a window to allow moisture to dissipate will leave less of it trapped in the bathroom walls.

6. Artificial Bathroom Lighting

Light fixtures in the right places need to be part of the new bathroom project. It’s not that every square foot of the room needs to be completely lit up. One of the most important safety features that bathrooms can contain is proper lighting and switches in easy-to-reach places.

Having a bathroom fan may be an interesting add-on as well. It can be a way to add a lighting fixture without using up an extra square foot of floor space.

7. Is Adding Ventilation a Good Idea?

The natural light sources referenced earlier should double down as windows to provide proper ventilation. As mentioned, this can be a great way to avoid major mold issues.

Moisture issues are the biggest enemy of any bathroom. Any decent professional contractor should be able to recommend ways to ventilate the room properly.

8. Choose a More Powerful Showerhead

Something as simple as installing a modern showerhead can go a long way in making a homeowner more comfortable within their own bathroom. The standard shower fixtures that were used in previous generations just don’t cut it anymore. Sometimes, the plumbing fixtures in the whole setup are so old that they’re what leads to the poor water quality in that shower.

Creating a walk-in shower may be a bit too much for some people, but the least they can do is switch out their standard shower fixtures for a modern showerhead. This is one of the few DIY-friendly bathroom projects that could make an actual difference.

9. What to Do About the Toilet

Low-flow toilets should not be featured in modern bathrooms. Now, the issue with the toilet may be caused by older plumbing pipes that can’t handle higher water flow. If a bathroom remodeler is going to be in charge of the project, it’s a good idea to have them look at the existing plumbing system. A square foot or two of new pipes won’t add that much to the bathroom remodeling costs. Pipes are not made from expensive materials.

10. Keeping Safety Concerns at the Forefront of the Design

Should homeowners add certain safety features to these spaces even if they don’t feel that they’re at that age yet when they might require them? Safety features in these areas don’t just include adding handles to the shower so that people with mobility issues can hang on to them.

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Expanding the functional space of the shower and toilet area can be a good added safety feature. Getting rid of slippery tiles in favor of safer floor tiles or other types of bathroom floors can also be a great safety measure. Contact the experts at Truax Design Centre can recommend the best bathroom remodel tips at decent prices.

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