Renovate Your Kitchen

From an inefficient layout to poor kitchen lighting, there are tons of signs that indicate it’s time to renovate your kitchen. Here are the 10 most important signs that let you know it’s the right time for a kitchen update:

Your Kitchen Doesn’t Fit Your Aesthetic

It might not be a worthwhile investment to undergo a kitchen renovation project just because your current kitchen doesn’t fit your home’s aesthetic. However, this can be a contributing factor that lets you know it’s time for a complete kitchen remodel.

This is what you need to consider when deciding if this space’s aesthetic needs a major kitchen renovation:

  • Does your kitchen have an ugly dropped ceiling?
  • Do you have old, outdated cabinets?
  • Do you completely dislike being in your kitchen?
  • Does your kitchen style match with the rest of your home?
  • Are your appliances `74 avocado green? (Yikes!)

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it might be time for your kitchen to receive a cosmetic renovation.

You Have Poor Lighting In Your Kitchen

Even if you have your dream kitchen with beautiful colors, upper cabinets, natural materials, marbled quartz countertops, and high-end flooring, it means nothing if you can’t see it. When you’ve invested so much into your modern kitchen, lighting fixtures shouldn’t be an afterthought.

poor kitchen lighting

You want to ensure your kitchen has highly functional lighting. Improve your kitchen aesthetic with some statement pendants and under-cabinet light fixtures to improve your kitchen lighting.

Your Kitchen Has Electrical Issues or Leaks

Do you have frequent electrical problems? Have you noticed mold growth or water damage? These are all problems you want to address promptly. A kitchen renovation will sort out any leaks or electrical issues and ensure you’re working in a space that’s safe.

Your Kitchen Has Poor Ventilation

You need proper ventilation in your kitchen, especially when you’re cooking up a storm for your family. A kitchen renovation can address any ventilation issues.

kitchen range hood

Installing ventilation hoods or efficient exhaust systems helps provide a healthier and fresher kitchen environment for you and your family.

You Want to Sell Your House

You’ve likely gotten used to the way your kitchen is. However, your rundown kitchen space might not be appealing to any potential buyers if you plan to sell your home.

If you can sell your property for a significantly higher sum because of your kitchen, it might be a worthwhile investment to do a renovation in this area.

Your Kitchen Is Hard to Clean

Do you find cleaning your kitchen to be the nightmare you dread doing? Worn-out surfaces, difficult-to-reach areas, and outdated materials can make cleaning difficult, which is a sign a kitchen renovation is needed.

The Appliances In Your Kitchen Are Outdated

Besides lacking the modern features that help enhance your cooking convenience, outdated appliances can consume more energy and increase your energy bills. If your kitchen appliances are outdated, it’s time to invest in more modern, cost-effective, and energy-efficient appliances. It may be time to call in a kitchen reno contractor to get new appliances installed, and wired up correctly.

You Don’t Have a Functional Kitchen Layout

Do you find that your kitchen doesn’t ‘flow’ right? A classic design trick to improve your kitchen’s functionality is called the ‘kitchen work triangle.’ This uses the three points of the triangle where one is the fridge, the other is the sink, and the stove and oven are the third. These different elements shouldn’t be too far or too close to one another.

Performing this type of kitchen makeover can help you make your kitchen more functional. Want to make your kitchen more functional? Check out Truax Design Centre’s kitchen showroom to explore your options.

You Don’t Have A Lot of Prep or Storage Space

Space is essential in a kitchen, even if you’re not the most keen on cooking and baking. A properly functioning kitchen needs to store food and dishes while also offering some counter space.

kitchen storage and prep areas

Typical kitchen renovations involve resurfacing a countertop, replacing an oven, or refinishing your cupboard doors. You want a kitchen renovation that focuses on making your kitchen easier to use, not better to look at. Does your kitchen feel cluttered or crowded? It’s time to remodel your kitchen space. Truax Design Centre can help with all your kitchen remodeling needs.

Your Lifestyle Has Changed

It’s common for a kitchen to no longer fit your needs if you’ve been living in your home for a while. Maybe your kitchen has become too big for empty nesters.

Otherwise, you may have welcomed your older parents or more children into your home, which has started to make your home feel small.

Along with family size, your lifestyle is important to consider. You might be entertaining more these days, and your kitchen doesn’t accommodate this. If that’s the case, it’s time to look at renovating your kitchen.

Ready to Renovate Your Kitchen Space?

These signs are a good indicator that it’s time for a kitchen renovation project. However, the professionals at Truax Design Centre are here to help if you’re still unsure whether kitchen upgrades are needed.

The team is professional and equipped to help you figure out your remodeling needs. From major kitchen remodels to offering small kitchen redesigns for your current kitchen layout, the team at Truax Design Centre has a solution for every kitchen remodel budget.

Call us now for Interior Design Renovations

From custom cabinetry and laminate countertops to kitchen cabinets with neutral colors and hardwood floors, Truax Design Centre has a wide variety of options to fit many different preferences. You’re one step closer to a successful kitchen renovation when you choose Truax Design Centre.

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