kitchen planning mistakes to avoid

Planning to redesign your kitchen? Sometimes we can go to great lengths scouring the internet to get some inspiration. But be careful! It’s easy to get swayed by picture perfect designs that you see online. However, without working with the right kitchen design team some things might not be suitable for your kitchen!

Let’s take a look at some of the common mistakes in kitchen planning and designing stages – which you must avoid.

Obstructions in the Kitchen △ Triangle

You may have heard that the refrigerator, stove, and sink should be set in a tri-formation, this is known as the kitchen triangle. This triangle needs to remain unobstructed as the area is high traffic, and the three points must always be easily accessible. If you plan things right, the design should allow for easy access to the kitchen counter space as well.

The Kitchen Design Triangle

Pay attention to the placement of the sink, as very often, it gets positioned poorly because of the location of pipes. If nessecary, hire a local licensed plumber and make sure that the sink is accessible and in the proper area in relation to the dishwasher. Also, make sure that the area covered by the work triangle is neither too large nor too small. If it’s too large, working can be tiresome. But a small triangle can make your space feel cramped and pleasurable for cooking.

Waste of Good Storage Space

One of the major design mistakes people often make is not using the kitchen space sufficiently. Even small kitchens have a lot of space that goes unused, and they can be built out, utilizing as much storage space as possible for the given area. Even placement of food processors and other appliances can make a major difference. Every kitchen needs ample storage space and accessibility.

Maximum Storage Space

In a small kitchen, long upper cabinets equipped with molding at the top should be able to provide extra space and give the look and feel of being bigger. Cabinets can also be placed in vertical spaces and corners instead of wasting empty areas. A professional kitchen design service will know how to use kitchen space even in small or medium kitchen areas without making it look too packed. Here is a good article on Kitchen design trends to follow.

Poor Lighting

Lighting is an essential part of building your dream kitchen – and one of the common kitchen design mistakes is not considering it during the planning stage itself. Kitchen lighting involves both natural lighting and the fixtures that are added. Adequate lighting can make your kitchen space look warmer and make working safer and more convenient.

How to plan out your Kitchen Lighting

There are three types of lighting concepts to think about when planning a kitchen design, they include general lighting, task-lighting, and accent lighting. Custom kitchen designers need to evaluate the natural sources of illumination, like windows. Kitchen cabinets, tall refrigerators, etc., must be placed in such a way that they don’t block the windows – one of the most common kitchen design mistakes.

Insufficient Ventilation

Without sufficient ventilation, your kitchen can be filled with smoke, grease and bad odors, making your time more miserable there. It will also harm your appliances and make your beautifully designed kitchen cabinets sticky and grimy. Hence, it’s essential to ensure that your kitchen gets sufficient ventilation with windows kept free and a well-designed ventilation system.

proper kitchen ventalation

Good ventilation systems might be expensive, but it’s a long-term investment, unlike cheap hoods that lead to the circulation of stench and soot. Ventilation systems are crucial for the extension of your appliances’ life span, as well as maintaining the look and finish of your newly renovated kitchen. They are mainly required if you have an open kitchen.

Inappropriate Kitchen Island

Everyone wants a kitchen island, but people often end up choosing the wrong one. As a result, you will be left with a wastage of precious space. So, while choosing a kitchen island, make sure it’s more than just a decorative piece. It should provide you with additional space for storage, preparation, and service – and also fits the space available. Planning a Kitchen makeover can be easier than you think!

Kitchen Island Area

A good designer will ensure that your kitchen island is not placed in such a way that it creates clutter. Instead, it will make working in the kitchen much easier. While kitchen islands shouldn’t be big enough to become a misfit in the kitchen, they shouldn’t be too small either. Otherwise, it won’t provide enough room for proper movement or usage.

Unnecessary New Layout

Very often, homeowners assume at the time of starting a kitchen renovation project that they need a new layout. But getting your kitchen renovated does not mean you have to dismiss the current layout completely, forgetting the fact that it might have been designed by kitchen experts in a particular way to optimize the available space.

Designed by Kitchen Experts in Windsor

Your old kitchen layout may allow a convenient workflow and have properly placed doors and windows. When you let a professional kitchen reno contractor take control of the renovation, they might just suggest minor tweaks to the old design. It’s a good idea to take their advice as it won’t demand too many changes, and the cost will also be lower.

Not Working with an Expert Designer Can be Costly.

Just because you have access to the internet, you shouldn’t consider yourself an expert (just yet) in designing kitchens – unless you actually are one. While it’s good to know what you want, and we have all beige watched hours of HGTV… you should also involve a designer with professional experience right in the planning stage to help you understand what elements and changes will work out best for you.

It’s understandable that you may want to eliminate a designer’s services to avoid the expense. We see this common mistake often, and its way more expensive to ruin your kitchen, than it is using a trusted expert. At Truax design Centre, we are well connected with all material suppliers and contractors with the years of experience and knowledge it takes to be professional. They can actually save your money and time, while delivering on our promise of a dream kitchen for your home.

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To avoid kitchen design mistakes, contact us today so that our experts can take care of your kitchen designing needs right from the planning stage!

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