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The kitchen can be one of the most beautiful spaces in any house. This is where members of the house pours their heart out into the food they make for others. This is where everyone gathers at the end of the day to enjoy a delicious meal and hopefully some conversation. If you live in Windsor and want kitchen renovation or design services, you should consider Truax Design Centre, as one of the best Windsor kitchen designers for your next project.

Did you know, A recent study by the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) of consumers who had remodeled or who are currently remodeling their kitchens revealed that 54% had used a designer? (thisoldhouse.com)

Truax Design Centre – The Best among Windsor Kitchen Designers

Truax Design Centre is one of the most trusted kitchen designers in the Windsor-Essex region. We started operating in 2015, and since then, we have made sure that we provide quality in all of our kitchen remodeling services. Where both the homeowner and Truax we can take pride. When it comes to kitchen design ideas, we treat every element as a piece of art. We take care of everything from kitchen island designs to kitchen cabinets and create a dream kitchen at affordable rates.

The satisfaction of every client is what we strive for. That’s why we closely monitor every step of designing a kitchen with our trusted staff. It starts with understanding your vision and beginning the work of bringing it alive. Our professional kitchen designers know exactly what you might be looking for – and work in tandem with our artisans to complete the kitchen remodel or designing project.

Kitchen Design Blueprints

Do you not know what you are looking for yet? That’s understandable because the options are aplenty. Every time you will try to research kitchen ideas, you will come across terms like statement lighting, medium tone wood floor, pink paint on the walls, undermount sink, stone slab backsplash, wood countertops, etc.

Should you go for an all-white kitchen, have a pop of colour, or maintain neutral colour palettes? What’s the right choice for stainless steel appliances – white cabinets or wooden finish? What should be the ideal light fixtures for your space? Should you have a modern kitchen or a rustic kitchen? Are outdoor kitchens or country kitchen ideas trendy?

These questions are natural, and they are enough to confuse any homeowner. But do not worry! Our designers and artisans are going to create a vision for you if you do not already have one on your mind! With our help, you will get the kitchen that you did not know you wanted! With our design service, you will have more than just a functional kitchen! It’s going to be the kind of kitchen space that everyone will love.

Kitchen Design Services You Can Get from Truax Design Centre

Designing or remodelling a kitchen is more than selecting colours, furniture, and appliances – though these decisions also play an essential role in making your kitchen look great. It needs technical know-how – and only an experienced and knowledgeable tea can understand what’s right for your kitchen, based on its size, shape, and location.

Kitchen Remodel Showroom

At Truax, we treat every kitchen project individually to meet your needs and taste. This helps us stay creative and give you exceptional, fresh, and unique work – and we love what we do! That is why we have been able to earn the trust of people within such a short time. With personal attention to your thoughts and requirements, we ensure that you get nothing but the best.

You can contact us and take our help to –

  • Remodel kitchens
  • Design a kitchen from scratch
  • Build customized kitchen cabinetry, countertops,
  • Offer a concept kitchen idea
  • Bring kitchen design trends to your home
  • Choose the right lighting fixtures and sink fittings
  • Select appropriate kitchen Appliances
  • Design kitchens with the ideal hardware

That’s not all! If you are looking for some kitchen inspiration, you can visit our Windsor showroom. We have a wide range of products so that you can stop hunting for ideas. You can come to our store and tell us what you love. But don’t worry! We will make sure that everything that goes into your kitchen is one-of-a-kind – be it task lighting, laminate countertops and upper cabinets, or glass backsplash.

What kind of kitchen decor should I choose?

The kind of kitchen decor you choose depends on a number of factors. For instance, you will need to consider adding upper cabinetry for storage space or picking a sleek kitchen design if you have a small kitchen. If there’s sufficient space, though, you have the opportunity to play around with more elements, like throwing in an extra sink and butcher block countertops.

Your kitchen can be designed on the basis of the following:

a) Layout/Shape

  • Straight
  • Parallel/Gallery
  • L-Shaped
  • U-Shaped
  • Island-Based
  • Peninsula-Based

b) Construction

  • Contemporary
  • Modular

Based on the above, you and your designer can have a detailed conversation to choose sleek, elaborate, classic, and contemporary design options. You will need the help of an expert in this. While you can select any independent kitchen designers, they might mislead you with deals on custom countertops or kitchenware – and will not be answerable for any problem you may face later.

Contact Truax Design Centre Today!

We will not only help you at every step of constructing a designer kitchen but will ensure complete safety. That is why Windsor homeowners put their faith in us. We turn the vision for your dream kitchen – and turn it into a reality – keeping in mind your convenience and making the best use of the space available in your home!

The answer to your kitchen remodel and design needs are with Truax Design Centre!

Call us now for Interior Design Renovations

So contact us Today to get your free kitchen estimate! Don’t forget: we also offer bathroom design services as well!

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