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Cambria countertops is the brand name that has become synonymous with premium quartz quality. When it comes to countertops, a classic material that homeowners often choose is granite. It is a natural stone, and every slab offers a unique look. Another stone that matches the popularity of granite is premium quartz. Which has many benefits over just a common granite countertop and truly offers the look of luxury.


Cambria Quality Quartz


Today, let’s compare Cambria quartz countertops and granite countertops.



Cambria Countertops Vs Granite


Cambria quartz and granite both have their own sets of advantages and features that attract homeowners. They are both popular countertop materials for kitchen remodeling, but they differ from each other mainly in terms of composition. How different is Cambria quartz from granite, then? Let’s take a look!


a) Composition of the Material:


Cambria quartz is composed of 93% quartz, with resin and pigment making up the remaining 7%. Since it’s mostly natural quartz, Cambria is quite consistent in composition. That is why it is one of the most popular countertop materials.


On the other hand, granite contains about 40%-60% quartz, while the rest includes soft minerals and impurities. The problem here is that granite, as a natural stone, may vary in strength, porosity, hardness, and resistance. The advantage, however, is that granite comes in a wide range of colors.


b) Environmental impact:


The mining of Cambria quartz ensures that 70% of the stone goes into making stone countertops and any finished product. On the other hand, only about 35% of mined granite is used in making any finished product. So, the negative impact of granite on the environment is more.


In addition, the makers of Cambria quartz are especially committed to ensuring that the stone does not harm natural resources, and the stone has a low carbon footprint. That is why they try to recycle 100% of the water that is utilized in processing Cambria. The granite industry has no such commitment.


c) Color and Appearance


Both granite and quartz surfaces offer a wide variety of colors in dark and light shades. But granite has more colors. While you’ll find around 165 quartz color options, granite slabs from around the world come in thousands of colors, while the patterns are unique and stunning, be it bright or neutral.


Cambria Countertop Colours


Both stones in light colors can add an airy, spacious look to any area. Darker colors, on the other hand, can add a touch of contrast. But every slab of granite is different, as it is a natural stone. This can be an advantage or disadvantage, depending on your taste. Quartz countertops are more consistent.


d) Durability


Cambria quartz and granite are both resistant to stains, though not completely stain-proof. All you have to do is be mindful about spillage and remove liquids as soon as it spills. They are also resistant to everyday damage and scratches. Granite and Cambria score 8 and 7 on the Mohs scale.


The materials differ in heat resistance. Cambria quartz countertop material is not heat-resistant, and you shouldn’t put hot vessels directly on the Cambria quartz surface. But granite is more heat-resistant. You should put a buffer between the hot vessel and the granite, but not doing so won’t cause massive damage.


e) Maintenance


One of the significant reasons homeowners love Cambria quartz as a countertop material is its low-maintenance nature. Both Cambria and granite need water and dishwasher solutions – without any abrasive materials as such materials can damage the surface.


Granite, however, needs to be resealed twice a year. Cambria does not require that. That’s because Cambria is a non-porous, non-absorbent, and anti-bacterial surface. But granite is a porous material, and only regular sealing can make it an anti-bacterial surface.


f) Installation


Cambria quartz in the USA is subject to strict policies regarding installation. Only individuals certified by the Cambria University are allowed to measure and install this stone. When installed as a countertop material, Cambria needs European seams for a smooth, seamless look.


There is no quality control standard to be maintained for installing granite. As a result, there are possibilities of incorrect installation that can lead to problems later and cost you a lot. Granite countertops have straight seams that are visible.


g) Cost


If you compare the average cost per square foot of the two stones, you will notice that Cambria and granite are not too far away from each other, though it depends on the quality of granite you choose. Cambria quartz is pretty much consistent in quality, and the price per square foot will not differ a lot.


On the other hand, granite has different quality levels. The lowest quality marbles will be cheaper than Cambria. But the better the quality of marble you choose, the higher the cost will be. The top granite grades will cost consistently higher than Cambria quartz, making the latter more popular for quality countertops.



Granite vs. Quartz Countertops: Final Words


Granite and Cambria quartz are the top choices for kitchen makeovers, ranking much higher than concrete countertops, laminate countertops, wood countertops, etc. Both Cambria quartz counters and granite counters have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages, and the material you should use depends on a number of factors.


You need to think of the type of countertop you want and the purpose you expect it to serve. For instance, a beautiful quartz countertop might not be your choice for kitchens where you’ll constantly deal with heated vessels. But it may look great as a bathroom countertop where quick cleanups will be sufficient to prevent bacteria from forming in the wet environment of the bathroom.


Feeling confused about the perfect countertop materials? Our experts will help you choose from a selection of designs, guide you with selecting the right color, and much more.



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