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Are you planning a bathroom remodeling project? Then, you should definitely take the help of an expert bathroom contractor to help you figure out the essentials and technicalities. But your dream bathroom needs bathroom fixtures that will make you want to spend more hours in there. The perfect fixtures will complement the design choices during your bathroom remodel project.


So what are fixtures are modern homeowners adding to their bathroom renovations? Check out our tips for choosing bathroom fixtures for your next remodeling project – whether it is a master bath or a guest bath.


Best Fixtures for your Bathroom Renovation to Turn it into a Stylish Space


For your bathroom to give off an eclectic style, you need accessories that will not only show your personal taste but will also balance tradition and trends. Of course, there are other questions to answer, like if you should choose neutral colours or pastel colours and the kind of accent colours that will make your bathroom pop. Should you add more straight lines? Would textured shower bases work? What about maximizing bathroom space?


Along with these, you need to work on essential elements like floor tiles, sink installation, bathroom faucets, etc. Let’s take a look at some of the fixtures you should add to your bathroom projects to give your entire bathroom a new look – and some extra space!


a) Closet

Bathroom renovation projects remain incomplete without paying attention to closets. One of the best bathroom closet ideas is to choose tall closets that use vertical space and leave extra floor space. Closets can be set above sinks and toilets. You can also use the space beneath sinks and counter space for cabinets. Finally, don’t forget the free walls for built-in shelves and open storage space.


b) Faucet

Modern homeowners choose unique plumbing fixtures, including faucets that can change the look of your kitchen and give it an elegant design element. Don’t be afraid to play with the colour of the bathroom faucets – from shiny black to matte bronze. You can also go crazy with the shapes of the faucets during your bathroom makeover project. Look into options of cross handles, lever handles, tilting handles, etc.


c) Showerhead

There are different options of showerheads to choose from. You can go for the functional wall-mount unit, the removable hand-held unit or body spray, or the calming rain shower head. Remember that your bathroom makeover is not just for great looks but also about practical bathroom design ideas. So choose a shower head that will make a smart choice for your bathroom and daily usage.


d) Sinks

During a bathroom makeover, people often end up ignoring the sink installation. But there are several options of vessel sinks, drop-in sinks, undermount sinks, etc. If you love traditional bathrooms, you can go for a pedestal sink.Don’t forget to talk to your bathroom contractor to ensure that the sink matches the countertop materials. Finally, you can install sinks made of natural materials for a luxury look.


e) Shower Cubbies

Shower cubbies are a great way to add a modern and clean touch to your bathroom. Cubbies with glass shower doors and modern plumbing fixtures can make your bath look clutter-free and keep the floor space clean. If you think that your bathroom is too small for shower cubbies, you can still dedicate a separate section with the help of shower curtains. It will also reduce the material cost and labour cost.


f) Bathtub

Are bathtubs old-school or traditional? It completely depends on the kind of style, size, and material that you choose for your newly renewed bathroom. It should, of course, go with the rest of the bathroom design, especially with the sink. If you don’t have a large bathroom, select a small tub made of fibreglass. As for large bathrooms, a freestanding bathtub can be a great choice to add some added luxury.


g) Tiles

Whether it’s the floor or the wall, tiles are essential for your bathroom makeover. A white tile look might be great for a small bathroom, but you can also good for pastel colours or neutral colours. The other bathroom accessories, cabinets, major plumbing, etc., should complement. Thin subway tiles add a very “New York City” look to the bathroom. You can ditch porcelain tiles and pick glass, metal, or natural tiles.


How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost?


The cost of a bathroom makeover will depend on several factors such as:

  • How much or how little you want to change,
  • Materials used for accessories,
  • Fixture designs and materials,
  • Experience of the qualified contractor,
  • Labour cost in your location, etc.


Homeowners in Canada spend between $4,000 and $20,000, the average cost of a complete renovation of bathrooms being about $13,000. Of course, for individual installations of bathtubs, countertops, flooring, lighting, etc., your renovation project will cost much less, including material cost and labor charges. The right contractor will complete a renovation project at an affordable cost.


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