Kitchen Design Rules 2021

The concepts and ideas in kitchen designs through out the years have changed over time. In many ways, you’ll still find many design traditions and some outdated kitchens in homes. When you are starting to plan out a new kitchen design you should break these rules in 2021. It is the only way you can adopt some fresh ideas and indulge in fresh new beginnings.

5 Kitchen Design Rules You Should Definitely Break 2021

Gone are the days of the all green kitchen.  The kitchen doesn’t have to a separate room in the house, it can be an integrated open space. Instead, now, they are one of the major focal points in the house for bonding and creating food together. This has resulted from breaking down old design rules (and sometime walls).

Today, we are going to discuss 5 kitchen design rules you should break this year!


Rule #1 – Your kitchen needs big upper wall cabinets.

Bulky upper cabinets may have been the norm since time immemorial. But you can get creative and break the rule to replace upper wall kitchen cabinets with paintings and accent walls. By eliminating excess cabinetry on walls, you make the kitchen look larger. Instead of too much cabinetry on the walls, go for a kitchen island or base cabinets! Open shelving can work well, too! Creating space, but keeping function, is a fine art.


Rule #2 – Your kitchen island should stay in the kitchen.

Kitchen islands are versatile, serving as s storage space and a countertop. But it’s job doesn’t have to be in the kitchen alone. It doesn’t need to be stationary and serve as the kitchen’s major focal point. Especially in a small kitchen, mobile kitchen islands with casters may work best. You can roll it around for various purposes as a food prep station or service spot.


Rule #3 – Your kitchen should not have dark colors.

Flooding the kitchen with light colors is one of the rules you should definitely break in 2021. Add a splash of color wherever you can, and don’t be afraid to use bring shades that pop. In fact, you can even go bold and choose dark colors, including black or midnight blue. An all-white kitchen color scheme is a safe and easy route, but it’s also immensely boring, and a total passe now.


Rule #4 – Every free inch of the kitchen should be used.

When you have a small kitchen, your tendency is to use every inch, every corner of the kitchen space. But kitchen design experts say that pushing storage units in every corner can simply clutter the kitchen. Instead, choose a cleaner look. You should create spaces while utilizing appropriate sections for necessary kitchen storage space can completely elevate your kitchen design game.


Rule #5 – Install task lights only for illumination.

While the primary aim of lights is to illuminate the kitchen, installing accent lighting is highly encouraged. Choose creative light fixture options to make your kitchen visually stunning and significantly improve the feel of the kitchen. You can try vanity and picture lights to highlight open shelves. You can also install LED lights creatively underneath the cabinets.



What should you do when designing a new kitchen?

Now you know how to get creative and break some old rules, let’s learn some good. From cabinet hardware to the kitchen faucet, from lighting fixtures to wall space – everything in your kitchen deserves a fresh look. Today, you are encouraged to go beyond the traditional design ideas. Kitchen design experts say that you should implement personal style to the space where you nourish your family and personal tastes.

That way, you will be able to appreciate your kitchen’s look and feel. At the same time, you should also have a set of guidelines while designing your kitchen.

Here are some great tips to get things right! Let’s take a look:

a) Don’t go Cheap on lighting.

From cutting and prepping to cooking and serving – everything part of the kitchen needs to be well-lit. So don’t forget to be generous with the lighting options.

b) Don’t forget ventilation.

Even small kitchens can feel spacious if there is sufficient ventilation. Besides windows, kitchen ventilation equipment like chimneys is necessary.

c) Don’t keep electrical wires out.

Wires ruin the look of a kitchen. Make sure that the power supplies are in the right space and well-hidden. Choose small appliances that you can put inside kitchen storage.

d) Don’t follow trends blindly.

New design trends like brass cabinet hardware become popular, and homeowners don’t consider the longevity of these trends. Talk to experts to know which ones will date eventually.

e) Don’t ignore a backsplash.

A backsplash can protect the wall behind cookers and countertops and add a special look. So don’t forget to consider one. It can be a full slab backsplash or made of tiles.

Break Some Rules of Kitchen Design – Do More with Truax Design

A kitchen is more than the key selling point in the house. It is the heart of your home where you can nourish your family and where guests can create amazing memories with you. In order to appreciate your kitchen’s look and feel you need to start thinking outside the box and experimenting with kitchen design element options to add more visual interest to the space.

You cannot afford to let the heart of your home remain ordinary, right? Your kitchen’s aesthetic should be such that it instantly elevates your mood when you walk in. Now, with 2021, it’s time to rethink design traditions.


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This year represents hope and new beginnings. So contact Truax Design Centre to get expert advice about the kitchen design rules to break.

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