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Five-Star Kitchen Cabinetry Assistance Available in Windsor, Ontario

Are you looking for kitchen cabinets in Windsor Ontario? Do you have a kitchen remodeling project happening in the near future and looking for help? Are you looking for renovation building materials or kitchen contractors anywhere in the southern part of Ontario in general?

Contact Truax Design Centre on Rhodes Drive.


You can visit our showroom to explore all kinds of eye-catching cabinet styles. If you’re searching for a cabinet store that can help you put together a custom kitchen that’s simultaneously functional and easy on the eyes, we’re ready for you. We can help you put together your dream kitchen. You can ask us anything about sample door and handles matters, sturdy cabinets, storage options and more.


We make kitchen design easy that is both contemporary and sleek for everyone.


Why You Should Remodel and Renovate Your Kitchen

Truax Design Centre offers full kitchen remodeling and renovation services. Our assistance is 100 percent customized, too. If you’re looking for innovative design concepts, sheer professionalism and first-class product choices, then you cannot go wrong with our team members.

Revamping your kitchen can give your property value a big boost. That’s because superior curb appeal translates to superior worth. If you have an updated kitchen, it may make potential purchasers a lot more interested in moving forward with you. If you want to make your food preparation space a lot more undeniable, then we can give you remodeling assistance that’s matchless in caliber. A fresh new kitchen can be good for people who want to sell their properties for more substantial price tags. It can be just as good for people who want to speed up homes sales processes greatly as well.

Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling in Windsor

Overhauling your kitchen can be conducive to relaxation. If you want to be able unwind while drinking a soothing cup of coffee, it can be nice to have an environment that’s both functional and eye-catching. Thankfully, our sophisticated remodeling work can provide you with that kind of setting.

People who remodel their kitchens often put a lot of thought into storage. That’s because cluttered kitchens aren’t exactly that effective. They can slow people down any time they try to throw together breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. If you want to give your food preparation space the gift of organization, you can think about the installation of floating wall shelves. These shelves can be terrific for people who want to decorate their kitchens wonderfully. They can be just as terrific for those who want to free up essential kitchen “real estate.”


The Beauty of Kitchen Cabinets done Right

Kitchen cabinets are a focal point for the team here at Truax Design Centre. Updating cabinets in kitchens can be incredible for numerous reasons. Updated cabinets can strengthen curb appeal and property value simultaneously. They can make kitchens a lot more user-friendly. If you want to be able to safeguard seasoning and ingredients in general, then the cooperation of resilient cabinets can be priceless. Strong cabinets can make it easy for people to be able to locate the things they need to go forward with meal preparation tasks daily.

We routinely install new kitchen cabinets for our customers.

Kitchen Cabinets in Windsor

Do you want information that relates to sample door and handles matters? If you do, then we can help you out there at Truax Design Centre. We know so much about handles, their styles and more. We make handle selection feel like a walk in the park for our customers.


Pay Our Showroom a Visit (Now Open!)

Do you want to put together a dream kitchen that can make you jump for joy? Visit our showroom to go on a tour. If you check out our impressive showroom, you’ll be able to browse all of the most exciting and contemporary styles in cabinets around. It doesn’t matter if you have a penchant for cabinets that are contemporary. It doesn’t matter if you have a penchant for cabinets that are classic and enduring in feel, either. We have cabinet choices that can suit all preferences.

Kitchen Cabinetry Showroom Windsor

If you have any questions that involve overhauling your kitchen, simply let us know. Our showroom is bright and capacious and can make checking out all of the most dazzling cabinet offerings fun and hassle-free for everyone.


Contact the Truax Design Centre Crew

Are you interested in finding out more about kitchen cabinets in Windsor and the surrounding Essex-County area?

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Contact the team at Truax Design Centre without any delay. Check out our showroom, too.

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