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How often do you look for kitchen remodeling stores near you – and get thoroughly discouraged by their complex descriptions and high-end prices? Do you wonder if the tall promises they make are worth trusting or not? It’s not just kitchens. Bathroom remodeling can seem pretty intimidating, too, and so do all house renovations without a trusted expert by your site.

That is where Truax Design Centre can help…

When you walk into the right kitchen and bathroom showroom, you’ll find that renovating is really an easy and pleasurable task. What’s not to like about your kitchen getting fitted with the best quality kitchen cabinets or your bathroom looking stunning after a complete vanity makeover?

Truax Design Centre offers one of the best home renovation services in Canada. Be it kitchen and bathroom renovations of the living space, we provide everything. Let’s find out more about home renovations and how we can help you.

Why You Need Home Renovations

We often tend to put off home renovation projects for years – and end up causing severe damage to our house. It’s hard to recover from such damages. But a serious problem or damage is not the only reason your kitchen and bathroom can undergo renovations. Let’s find out some good reasons to give your house the makeover it desperately needs!

Reasons To Remodel Your Kitchen

Here’s why you might consider a kitchen renovation.

a) Improved Functionality and Convenience

Every day, someone in your family has to spend a large chunk of time in the kitchen. You’ll want a kitchen that makes the job in the kitchen comfortable and offers daily functionality. Kitchen renovations can help with space and storage issues.

Designers can help put the best quality kitchen cabinetry and wall units to increase the convenience level in the kitchen. It can be some extra space on the countertops or simply relocating the refrigerator so that it doesn’t collide with the door of a kitchen cabinet that’s in the way.

b) Customization

All homeowners don’t need the same features in their kitchens. The requirements of of your family can be incorporated into your kitchen with the help of customization. A kitchen designer should be able to help renovate your kitchen to make it suit your daily needs.

This is particularly true for a growing family whose kitchen needs may keep changing over time. You may have to add a bigger table and more chairs, multiple cooking options, more pantry storage, etc. You may also need changes to match your lifestyle.

c) Perfect Fit for Your Personal Style

Remodeling your kitchen can be an excellent way to upgrade your kitchen’s design and style to match your personal style. You can jazz up the kitchen to give it a look that makes you want to go back in there. From lighting to the color scheme, it’s all on you.

It’s possible that you are not a fan of oak kitchen cabinetry or granite countertops. Or, you may be a big fan of vintage pastel shades. Perhaps, you want your old kitchen to look glamorous at every party you host. Your kitchen can reflect your aesthetics if you find the right designer to help you.

d) Boosting the Resale Value of the House

Your kitchen remodeling can help boost the value of your house. If you ever have to sell the property later, a well-designed kitchen reflecting the work of expert designers is an excellent way to attract buyers who will be willing to pay more.

The value of your house obviously depends on a number of things such as the location, area, market value, etc. One of the factors, without a doubt, is interior design. So a well-designed kitchen that not only looks great but is also functional can add value to the property.

Reasons to Renovate Your Bathroom

Besides the kitchen, your bathroom needs renovations for some similar reasons – and more. Let’s take a look:

a) Underlying Issues

Your bathroom may have damages, leaks, and other problems that need to be immediately addressed. Otherwise, they can cause rotting floors, electrical problems, mold, dampness, and more.

b) Storage Space

Adding bathroom cabinets are essential for proper storage in the bathroom. But good designers will also add cabinets under countertops and use vertical space for an uncluttered look.

c) Decor

From fancy tiles to stylish countertops – the best decor accessories can completely transform your bath. It’s upon you to have a bath of your dreams.

d) Functionality

The ideal bathroom design should accommodate all your needs, from easy-to-use fixtures to custom cabinetry that’s easy to reach. Don’t skim on such features.

e) Smart Bath

Thanks to the Internet of Things, you can have a digital bath. Wouldn’t you love easy-to-use mirror lights and heating racks for towels that turn on with your smartphone?

Truax Design Centre – The Best Kitchen and Bathroom Design Showroom

To remodel your kitchen and bath, you need an experienced company. If you live in Canada, Truax Design Centre, with the best customer reviews, is one of the experts you can count on for the best kitchen and bath remodeling. With showrooms in major locations, we offer our clients the chance to see our products and meet our designers to turn their vision into reality.

a) Customer Service

We, at Truax, have set the industry standards with our customer service. It is easy to reach us by checking out our website or dropping in at our showrooms. We take pride in the raving reviews we get from clients how we always answer their questions and helping them at every step.

b) Expertise and Experience

Our company has been in the business for 6 years, and we have gathered sufficient experience to cater to different types of clients. Our renovation team of designers, carpenters, and project managers will ensure that your bathrooms and kitchens can impress you and change the look of your house.

c) Personal Touch

We treat every project as our own and treat every homeowner like family. So we take every project seriously. like we would do in our own houses. We incorporate your ideas into the design process to match your lifestyle. Our aim is to make your life in your house simpler and more beautiful.

d) Attention to Details

From accurate measurements to perfect cabinets that seamlessly fit into corners or small spaces – everything is taken care of by our experts. Due to the accuracy in every step of the designing and renovation process – be it measurements or installation – you’ll experience the best workmanship.

e) Unique Designs

The team of interior designers in our company is full of the best in the business. They understand the kind of kitchens and bathrooms that different people want. Be it cabinets or fixtures, everything we offer is unique – and perfect for you, customized for your house. Check out our reviews to know more.

Best Design Professionals for the Best Quality – at Truax!

If you don’t believe in reviews, you can drop in at our showroom to check out our workmanship and design innovations in our products. We can be your one-stop-shop for the best quality decor accessories.

Call us now for Interior Design Renovations

You can also book an appointment for our consultations to get customizations according to your specifications. We make it a point to turn every home into a haven. So why wait? Contact us Today!

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