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How often do you look at the closet in your and wish it were a little different? Sure, a closet can turn the chaos in your house into order. But it also hides a tiny Amazon Forest inside. Whenever you angrily shove clothes inside, hating that you don’t have the sections or shelves you need, they get lost in the dark forest.

The only answer to this is custom closets with more organized space.

A well-designed custom closet system, with multiple shelves, drawers, etc., creates a smart space for your clothes and accessories and goes well with your room’s decor. Plus, since it’s customized, you can add all the features you’ve always wanted in your wardrobe.

Closet rods, double hang section, shelves, and baskets as you’ve always wanted – you can let your imagination run wild. Let’s find out more about creating custom closets that you’ve always wanted!

Designs of Custom Closet Systems

There are different types of closets that you can add to any room or space in your house. Whether it’s a bedroom closet or a laundry room storage system, well-organized closet space can be your solution to all things messy.

With drawers, shelves, double hang sections, clothes rod assortments, and more in just the right location, your closet system can be a space of joy for you. There are different design types of closets. Take a look before you decide on how to get your custom closet design.

a) Walk-In Closets:

Many homeowners go for a walk-in closet as part of their new home decor. It is more of an architectural piece than furniture. It’s somewhat a storage room that’s renovated and turned into a space for clothes and fashion accessories. Since it’s a fairly large space, it allows you to declutter easily.

b) Reach-In Closets:

Reach-in closets need smaller square-footage than walk-in closets, and you can’t stroll inside. You can grab what’s inside and go, though it’s easy to see what’s inside the closet. This is ideal for you if you have a smaller space in the house and can’t afford to turn a room into a wardrobe.

c) Built-In Wardrobe

When you do not have sufficient depth of space to build even a small reach-in closet, you can use the area for a built-in wardrobe. It can be an easy-to-use organization system. It seamlessly puts together the “grab-and-go” feature of a small closet with the plan of an organizer for perfect storage.

c) Organizers for Utility Areas:

The thing about custom closet systems is that you can place them anywhere – garage, laundry room, pantry, kitchen, add a mudroom to your home, or anywhere else you want. You’ll need to add custom shelving to organize utility areas that tend to develop clutter. The design should be for perfect installation in small areas.

Factors to Consider When You Plan a Custom Closet to Make the Best of Closet Space

Whether you pick up the pen and paper to design your own custom closet or take the help of a designer, you need to consider some vital factors. They are as follows:

a) Location of Custom Closet

Is your closet an extension of your bedroom? Or is it a part of the kitchen? The custom closet should have a design that goes with the design and theme of the location. Glam it up accordingly. It should also add utility to a specific space. For instance, a closet rod will be of no use in a pantry closet.

b) Storage Components

Make sure to incorporate a variety of shelf- and storage types into your closet design plan. Closet rod and double hang sections in a closet for clothes, drawers and specific areas for baskets in the pantry, proper shelves and hampers for the laundry – all of these must be considered while designing closets.

c) Appropriate Colors

Colors are an essential part of your custom closet plan. It’s not just about how the wardrobe door or the storage tower looks in the room. It’s also for your convenience. Light shades should be used in the interiors so that everything inside is visible. You can contract that with lighter materials outside.

d) Special Storage Option or Safe

The fun thing about custom closets is that you can add elements of organization systems that regular closets will not have. For instance, you can add a special safe for jewelry. Or, you can choose an LED rod and divided shelves for improved visibility. Don’t be afraid to play with the frame, width, depth, and more in the closet design plans.

e) Closet Materials

Materials used inside and outside the closet are essential in determining its style and longevity. Plywood, especially birch plywood, is one of the most popular materials. Be careful about cedar as it has a smell that permeates other areas. Don’t forget to choose a good paint or veneer on the plywood.

f) Top Material and Closet Accessories

Your closet needs to be stylish with a personal touch. To give your plywood closet a new look, cover the framework with wood or with veneer or vinyl sheet to give it a stunning look. You can incorporate panels and frames on the closet doors or add artwork all around for a closet design that suits you.

g) Lighting

Consider adding lighting to help you access the contents inside your closet easily. While natural lights can be helpful, they will fade in the evening. You’ll need your artificial lighting directed at the closet to give you a good view. For larger closets, add a chandelier inside the plywood room!

h) Organization, Visibility, and Accessibility

Since you can play around with things like shelves, drawers, and everything else, you can work with your designer to add as many sections as possible. This will help you keep things organized and separate. Feel free to add see-through doors, dividers in drawers, belt racks, multiple shelves, and more.

i) Vertical Closets

If the area is not sufficient, you can simply cut the width and go for a tower closet design that uses vertical space. You can put items that you don’t frequently use on the top shelves of the closet, which are less accessible. Vertical storage units are beneficial in basements, attics, and more.

j) Floor Covers

Remember that you might spend a long time inside or in front of the closet. So, it is a good idea to give yourself a cozy and warm floor covering. However, carpets can be difficult to clean in a closet. So, you can choose a vinyl or veneer sheet for the floor. Wood is also a great choice.

How much does it cost to make a custom closet?

Custom closets sound great, don’t they? Imagine having a stunning closet with such a design that you can put anything anywhere and never lose sight of your clothes and accessories! Drawers with dividers, shelves that offer a clear view of the accessories, LED hanging rod – all these features, and everything else you can think of can be fitted into a closet.

But what budget should you allot for it? Surely something that’s straight out of your dream cannot be cheap. Did you know that custom closet projects in Canada typically cost $1,0oo-$3,000? The national average is $2,040. A custom closet can cost anywhere between $17 and $30 per square foot.

The price per square foot of a custom closet will depend on the size of the project. This ‘per square foot” cost drops with a larger closet. If your project involves a large closet, the cost can start at $750 and go as far as $3,000. For smaller reach-in closets, the expense should be between $250 and $1,500.

A wardrobe or utility organizer is usually the smallest project, and the pricing can be anything between 1,500-$6,000. The total price will also depend on several other factors. One of them is the list of materials being used. Are you going for birch plywood? With the drawers have glass?

Design is another factor that will influence the price of the closet system. If you want a custom shelf design, panels on doors, dividers in drawers, and more, the cost will increase. Apart from this, you may have to incur a few basic expenses that will apply to specific situations. Building permits, drywall repair, replacement of HVAC duct, electrical wiring, etc. can cost extra.

Remodeling or renovation of an old closet can set you back by about $1,500-$3,000. You have to consider all these factors before fixing a budget for your closet project. You also need to consider how charges may vary depending on which part of Canada you live in.

If you know your way around tools, you can DIY a custom closet. But if you are one of those people who have never held a measuring tape in hand, you should leave it to the pros who can do everything for you, from designing your custom closet system to its installation. Of course, your opinions and vision will be taken into account for this.

Are custom closets worth it?

Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of a custom closet.


1. Designed for your items

Every shelving, every hamper in a custom closet is designed for you. It is the perfect storage solution for the items you own. It will reflect your personality and match with the character of your home.

2. Efficient utilization of space

Every house is differently designed, and a good closet can be made to make use of every nook and cranny. A good designer can make plans of adding a shelf or hamper even in unlikely places.

3. Value addition to the house

With a smartly designed closet, your home gets an upgrade that may appeal to potential buyers in the future. You can consider it a big investment as most people like to look at storage while buying a house.

4. More organized

Is your house in a complete mess? Are half of the items you once owned nowhere to be found now? A custom closet with multiple shelves and drawers won’t let you have the experience.

5. Time-saving

Half the battle against time is won when everything is right on the shelf where it should be. With everything in their designated shelves and rods, you’ll spend less time searching for different items.


1. Expensive

Your dream closet, with perfect shelving and complete clarity of where your belongings are, can easily go out of your budget. Though different professionals will charge you differently, it will never be cheap.

2. Encouraging the habit of hoarding.

With an adjusted shelving and organization system, you’ll be tempted to fill the shelves and drawers. So you may start holding on to your belongings. Half of them probably belong in the trash.

3. May need an upgrade

A custom closet will be built according to your current taste and belongings. You may feel later that the shelves are not in the right place or the closet needs more rails to hang clothes. So be prepared for that.

Why Choose Truax Design Centre for Creating the Custom Closets of Your Dream

One of the most trusted names in Windsor area is Truax Design Centre. From bedroom wardrobes to mudroom shelving solutions, we have it all for you. Just reach out to us, and we will help you build the closet of your dreams within your budget.

Be it the number of shelves and rods or the placement of the shelving in the closet. Our designers will help make your vision come true by listening to your thoughts and turning those into closet plans with the perfect shelf design systems.

There are many other furniture designers out there. But half of the potential buyers put their dreams of a closet on the shelf because they are too afraid to go into the hassle of describing their vision. The other half faces budget issues. But we try to stand out by giving you the best price.

At Truax Design Centre, we treat every closet project like our very own, as we define your thoughts and dreams. Our goal is to make your home a beautiful place without any mess or clutter. With a long history of building furniture and storage solutions with top-quality materials, we are a trusted name.

So, contact us TODAY!

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