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Winter is coming, and with winter comes messy snow. If you are tired of having dirty snow tracked all over the house, maybe it’s time to consider getting a mudroom. But what is a mudroom, and why should your house have one? Read on to learn more about a room you probably wondered about but never researched the clear benefits.

What Is a Mudroom?

There is a decent chance that you have been in a house with a mudroom and never thought much about it. The term “mudroom” refers to a small transitional space that separates the entryway from the rest of the house. It is a place where family members take off their coats and shoes before entering the house. It is also a common place for a mail holder, large shelf and extra storage space or cubbies.

Appliances: Yay or Nay?

Because the mudroom will probably be the dirtiest area of the house, many families put a sink in the mudroom so that they can wash their hands, or a laundry closet so people can toss soaking-wet coats and other dirty clothes straight into the wash machine. Houses with built-in mudrooms usually have something like this as part of the plan.

However, some houses cannot accommodate the plumbing and machinery so close to the entrance. The mudroom is usually near a faucet or laundry room with the same logic in mind: why drag your dirt around the house? The placement of your bathroom and/or laundry room is something to consider when planning your mudroom.

Now that you know what a mudroom is and how it can work with the design of your house, let’s look at the 5 biggest reasons that your house needs a mudroom.

1. Keep the Mess in One Place

One of the biggest benefits of getting a mudroom is keeping all the mess from the outdoors in one place. Muddy boots and other wet items get left in this one area. That means you and your loved ones do not track dirt throughout the entire house.

According to Lake Homes Realty.com, this is especially important if you live near a lake, or go swimming regularly! A mudroom can keep the rest of your house clean.

2. Never Lose Your Keys

It may be an exaggeration, but if you put your keys and other incidentals in dedicated spaces near the door every time, you’re unlikely to lose them. Use baskets for storage in your mudroom for items such as keys, chargers, and other items you do not want to leave the house without.

3. Additional Storage

Many mudrooms have storage solutions right at the entrance. Since mudrooms are located near the entrance, wall hooks are a no-brainer form of extra storage. They’re perfect for coats, gloves, and backpacks.

Don’t forget a bench for people to sit on while taking things off. That bench can also be ample storage space. Storage benches are popular options for mudrooms. It’s also nice to consider having a window near by for some natural light. Other forms of bench storage include baskets for muddy shoes and places to put boots.

residential mudrooms in windsor

You can also increase your storage options by putting bins above mudroom cabinets. Use every square foot to make your mudroom the best place to enter and leave the house.

And as the seasons change, you can change the things you store in your mudroom. Put seasonal items like hats and mittens in the additional storage space in your mudroom. You might be surprised how much extra space you have by the time you are done.

4. Mudrooms Are Customizable

Your new mudroom is also the most customizable place in the house. Putting function before fashion, the most important part of the mudroom is the floor. Mudrooms are a great place for epoxy floors because epoxy doesn’t care about dirty shoes. Whatever floor is in your mudroom must be able to tolerate dirt, water, and salt, along with taking damage to the flooring well.

From there, you can make mudroom additions as you see fit. Put up seasonal decorations. If you can keep them from getting dirty, the mudroom can be a good place for your kids’ artwork. Put in an attractive entryway mirror. Make sure you have adequate storage, regardless of what else you do.

If you need more ideas, this article from HouseDigest has tips for design, storage, and more! Get creative.

5. Increases Home Value

Finally, if you ever need to sell your house, having a mudroom can increase its resale value. Potential buyers will be impressed with this convenient, functional space. A mudroom on the floor plan can increase the value of your house, regardless of how convenient or not it is!


Maybe you never thought about attractive mudrooms until today. The more you think about mudrooms, the more important they turn out to be. From holding extra hats and gloves to keeping the rest of the house clean, this small space can impact your house in big ways. Come to our Windsor showroom to look at our mudroom designs today!

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