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A kitchen island is what it sounds like: a piece of furniture in the center of your kitchen used for meal preparation. Even though kitchen islands originated as kitchen countertops, this new addition can help be a table, extra storage space, or a spot for your new Youtube cooking show! More elaborate islands can even have dishwashers, if large enough. A popular option of a light wood chopping block with dark wood cabinets is just the beginning.

Read on for more kitchen design ideas regarding this key kitchen fixture.

Do I Need a Kitchen Island?

Some new homeowners may wonder if a kitchen island is really needed for the kitchen. The short answer is yes, it is. A kitchen island is, ideally, the hub of your kitchen’s activities. According to one writer on Realtor.com, islands were created by Frank Lloyd Wright but did not become part of classic kitchen design until Julia Child made them big on her cooking show in the 1980s. But most people with traditional kitchen designs either have an island or wish they did.


Despite its humble origins in farmhouse kitchens, the kitchen island now has a crucial role in contemporary kitchen designs. It is a key element in many glamorous kitchen designs. Now that you know that you need an island kitchen layout, what should you consider for your kitchen outline before buying an island?

The Size of Your Kitchen

The size of your current kitchen floor space will be one of the main factors affecting your perfect kitchen island. A kitchen island must be accessible from all sides, so the entire space will affect your island layout. And if you wish to include kitchen appliances in your kitchen island, make sure there is ample space for the doors to open.

Kitchen Island with sink

Larger spaces allow for more flexibility when planning your kitchen island. Ask your kitchen design consultant about getting an island kitchen layout. The Spruce handily recommends using boxes to see what size and shape of kitchen island will be best for your family kitchen. It may also help to see your kitchen in miniature or to visit a kitchen design ideas gallery.

The Shape of Your Kitchen

The next thing to consider is the shape of your kitchen. According to Homes and Gardens, the shape of your kitchen affects whether your island should be rounded or angular, big or small. Modern freestanding kitchen trends are moving towards fluid shakes instead of the popular choices of various rectangles. An island with a T-shaped layout is ideal if you have a large family, though!

Whether you have a U-shaped layout or a more eclectic style kitchen design, there is an island for that. Look online for design inspiration, or visit us if you’re in the Windsor area. You need to find the right kitchen design ideas to make your contemporary-style kitchen work for you.

The Style of Your Kitchen

Kitchen designers know that the style of your kitchen determines what you can do with your island. It determines whether you want a black countertop, natural stone, or something with beautiful patterns. Light-filled, ample spaces will make your island shine regardless. At Truax Design Centre we have professionals kitchen designers to help you realize the kitchen of your dreams!

For example, if you want a rustic kitchen, you will probably want a kitchen island made of real wood or natural materials so that it blends in with the rest of your kitchen decor. But if you want a modern look, stainless steel will go better with the rest of your design aesthetic.


But whatever aesthetic your dream kitchen has, use quality materials that go with your entire kitchen. And don’t leave this area of your traditional-style kitchen in the dark—use accent lighting to bring it to life. You want your guests to see those beautiful patterns.

Your Island’s Purpose

A kitchen island can be a lot of things. On the most basic level, a kitchen island provides more counter space or doubles as a kitchen table. If you want to turn a kitchen island from a counter into a formal dining table, all you need to do is add bar stools.

Kitchen Island with Stools

But a kitchen island can be more than just a kitchen workspace. Many kitchen islands are kitchen cabinets as well. The extra space for storage is one of the biggest benefits of having an island.

A kitchen island can also become the main cleaning area for contemporary kitchens. Elaborate kitchen islands allow for efficient workflow. This can be a very busy working space. Some islands have a kitchen sink! Of course, installing a kitchen faucet is complicated, so not all islands have these kitchen units. Most are custom cabinets. Certain natural materials are better for kitchen worktops than others, so consider the island when talking to a kitchen planner.

In other words, your kitchen island doesn’t have to be a counter or a table. It can be one of the most functional spaces in a family kitchen!

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