Designing Better Kitchens

Kitchen renovations are among the most common type of home upgrade. An outdated layout, unpleasant decor or a lack of adequate kitchen storage can make food and meal prep a much less enjoyable experience. Kitchen renovation tips can help to boost the market value of the home by creating a more stylish, comfortable and functional environment. When it comes to designing better kitchens, there are a number of essential storage solutions that could end up making a bigger difference than many homeowners might expect.


This article will guide you through, things to consider when designing a kitchen and how to avoid a bad kitchen layout.



1. Kitchen Corner Storage


Outdated kitchen layouts often utilize a cabinet design that failed to make the most effective use of interior space. Corner cabinets are a great way to provide a little extra storage space without having to make huge alterations to the surrounding layout, especially when planning a kitchen renovation that involves upgrading or installing new cabinets.


Corner Kitchen Cabinets


Corner cabinets provide an ideal storage option for a range of items and may be used to even greater effect when combined with a corner storage lazy Susan, tray dividers or other clever design features that allow the interior space to be utilized more efficiently.



2. Drawer and Cabinet Dividers


Cabinets, drawers and shelving units may all be of limited benefit in situations where interior organization becomes a problem. Drawer dividers or a cutlery and utensil drawer organizer can help to keep everything better organized. Wall-mounted or on-counter knife blocks can also aid in organization and ensure that knives are less likely to chipped, nicked or loose their edge due to improper storage. Built-in drawer inserts, divers and other storage ideas for cabinets or the kitchen island can play an important role in the efforts to optimize storage space and to maintain a more orderly an organized kitchen.


Kitchen Drawer Organizer


Cabinet and tray dividers can make it much easier to deal with plastic storage containers, baking sheets and other kitchen essentials that have a tendency to pile up or overgrow their designated storage space. While inserts, free-standing dividers and similar options may provide similar benefits, they often lack the ruggedness and durability that only built-in dividers may be able to provide. Being able to grab a baking tray or to pull out a specific utensil without having to worry about damaging a flimsy plastic organizer or insert can be an important concern.



3. Hanging Storage


Many kitchen renovations and upgrades that are designed to add more storage space to a kitchen layout often overlook an obvious opportunity. Hanging storage racks can make it quick and easy to retrieve specific pots and pans and can help to free up cabinet and counter space that may be better utilized in other ways.


Hanging Storage Racks for pots and pans


Vertical storage ideas are worth considering, especially when cabinet and shelving space is in short supply or when trying to make the most of a smaller kitchen. Empty vertical space can also break up the flow of the layout and racks or other hanging storage options may be able to provide an eye-catching highlight for the surrounding decor, one that will help to tie the room together visually.



4. Kitchen Carts and Islands


While clever cabinet layouts and built-in storage options like telescoping racks, tray dividers or a corner storage lazy Susan can be quite helpful, there are situations where extra cabinets may be the only viable solution. A kitchen island is a versatile addition, one that can provide both additional cabinet storage as well as more counter space. Adding a kitchen island can feel like a substantial upgrade, the additional kitchen storage and workspace that islands are able to provide can make them well worth it in the end. There is a real science to type of design, it’s called the Kitchen work triangle where the workspace becomes as efficent as possible because of the design.


Kitchen Island


A kitchen cart offers many of the same benefits as an island without requiring homeowners to commit to a set floor plan or layout. Wheeled carts with interior shelving units can be easily moved into or out of position when needed which makes for a far more versatile storage solution. Carts can be a great resource when it comes to entertaining, preparing a big meal or setting up for a special event. The option to make use of an additional counter surface, access to a little extra storage or the means to quickly set up another work area can make a real difference.



5. Sink Storage


From keeping trash and recycling bins out of sight to keeping cleaning products and utensils better organized, sink storage solutions are another essential element of a successful kitchen renovation. A new kitchen sink can also be helpful as a deeper basin, taller faucet or a longer hose can ensure that even the largest pots and pans can be washed with greater ease. Freestanding trash and recycling bins can clutter up floor space which may leave the surrounding environment feeling cramped, crowded or poorly organized.


Modern Black Kitchen Sink


A new kitchen sink, complete with a redesigned cabinet and storage area, may help to eliminate many potential problems.



Designing the Perfect Kitchen


Homeowners who are considering a kitchen upgrade would do well to ensure that their redesigned space is able to provide plenty of storage. From drawer dividers to knife blocks, design options and accessories that help to ensure more efficient use of counter and cabinet space may prove to be an essential resource. The addition of a kitchen island or a cutlery and utensil drawer organizer can allow homeowners to address specific organizational and storage issues that may be interfering with their cooking or meal prep efforts. An improved layout and a kitchen with ample storage options means a more efficient, ergonomic and comfortable kitchen space. If you are interested in remodeling your kitchen space, reach out to us here.

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