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More often than not, we paint our houses for the beauty that comes with it. However, there is more to paint than just beauty. Of a fact, painting does come with lots of benefits pegged to it. Some of these benefits are realized almost immediately while others, such as cost-saving may be realized way later. For most homeowners, the question; “Which is the best designer paint?” ever seems to cross their minds and the answer has and will be one; Benjamin Moore Paint! Well, how so?

Having been in existence for more than a century now, Benjamin Moore Paints has undoubtedly perfected the art of paint manufacturing, making it a leading brand and a natural favorite for most. But “Why Benjamin Moore?”, one would ask. Well, Let’s delve right into some of the reasons that make Benjamin Moore Paint colors a better option and an absolute darling.


benjamin moore paint colours


They are Durable

Designed to last, Benjamin Moore Paints will, without a doubt, withstand the atmosphere wear and tear for long and without losing its color vibrancy and smoothness alike. Benjamin Moore’s Regal Select, Aura Grand Entrance and Ben Exterior are some of the best designed to last exterior paints.



A paint that cracks upon drying or upon exposure to some certain extreme weather conditions is certainly one that any homeowner should steer away from. Such paints do not only end up being a waste of your money but also leave your property less desirable to potential buyers. Think of an extremely hot day and an extremely cold night. You bet that this is bound to put your paint through some test. For good quality paint, on the other hand, such extreme temperature variations should not be cause for nay worry. It should expand and contract gracefully without the worry of it cracking. For instance, eggshells painted in Regal Classics have shown superior durability over other paints.

Let’s Talk About Their Wearability

We all agree that quick-drying paints are the best! Imagine a paint that takes 30 minutes to ‘dry to touch’ and an hour to recoat! How wonderful is that? With quick-drying paints, one saves significantly on time, and house makeovers are now faster. With the quick-drying designer house paint varieties that Benjamin Moore has got at our disposal, house painting colour combinations will be achieved in the shortest of timelines ever.

The essence of painting both interior and exterior walls is to not only protect them from weather elements but also to make our homes, hospitals and schools look better and attractive to the eye. By merely looking and touching a wall, one can tell if some quality paint was applied. If it is smooth to touch and glossy, then that right there is good paint as desired. For a paint to be termed as desirable, it sure has to pass the covering ability test, and Benjamin Moore Paints has done that already.

Without proper adhesion to surfaces, the paint application is pointless. As such, the need to have a paint that will adhere to surfaces regardless of the type is paramount. Whether its stone walls, metal or wood for that matter, a good paint will always adhere to whatever surface. However, it is essential to note that the cleaner your painting surface, the higher the probability of proper paint adhesion. It is therefore highly suggested that you keep your surfaces off things like grease, oil and dust just to mention a few.


Applying a tough and fade-resistant paint is priceless. It keeps your residence elegant and vibrant for longer. The best part of applying fade-resistant paint is when our property is up for sale. It goes a long way to increase the value of your property. Again, it goes further to make sure that all parties involved are happy and content in the end. The seller gets a couple more dollars and the fact that the paint is designed to last longer, the buyer feels value for their money. It’s more of a win-win kind of situation. For one of Benjamin Moore’s favorite paint brands when it comes to matters fade-resistance, the Aura Grand Entrance Satin is undoubtedly the perfect paragon. At a very pocket-friendly price, all you’ve got to do is pay any Benjamin Moore store a visit for the best interior paint that there is in the market.

The ‘cost-effective’ factor

Compared to some equally large paint-manufacturing companies out there such as Sherwin William, Benjamin Moore Paints is by merit a pacesetter. With their paints being easy to spread, more durable not to mention less expensive, getting yourself some Benjamin Moore Paints will see to it that you get absolute value for your money.


In an ever-changing and dynamic world, change for the better is inevitable, and Benjamin Moore Paints understanding of that is crystal. As such, this giant and leading paint-manufacturing company have made major strides towards quality paint for its consumers. With their latest Gennex Color Technology, Benjamin Moore Paints can withstand harsh outdoor conditions and indoor fading. With the use of such tech, longevity is an absolute assurance. If you’re in search for some of the best interior house paint brands the Satin Impervo and the Advance Interior paints are great choices to consider.

With the pointed out properties of a Benjamin Moore Paint, your interior and exterior deco journey has been made as easier as it could ever get. If you’re after an all-round holistic experience when it comes to décor, then you’ve got to go the Benjamin Moore way!

If you are in a quest for some of the best interior house paint or rather premium designer house paint, all you simply need to do is walk into a Benjamin Moore Store and have a look at the vast types of paints as per your needs.


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