Kitchen Design Trends 2021

Interior design ideas keep changing every year, and they reflect in kitchen design trends for 2021. Are you planning to redecorate your kitchen? You must be wondering what the 2021 kitchen design trends must be! Don’t worry – we are here with the best new designs for a modern kitchen!

Kitchen Design Trends 2021

From kitchen cabinets to storage design features – here’s everything you need to consider for new kitchen designs. Here are some 2021 kitchen trends to incorporate into your house!

a) Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Island

If you have sufficient kitchen space, a kitchen island can be one of the iconic kitchen trends. This isolated countertop in the center of the kitchen can be perfect for cooking and dining alike. It’s also suitable for adding extra kitchen storage units under the countertop for your appliances.

A kitchen island makes it easy to add dining space in the kitchen. Place a few chairs around it – and you have a table for the family to enjoy a meal in the warmth of the kitchen. Another variation is the kitchen peninsula, which is attached on one side to a wall. This is more popular in smaller kitchens.

These islands have now become an integral part of the kitchen aesthetic of a modern house as it gives families a chance to come together while utilizing the extra space in the middle of the kitchen. You no longer have to wait to join the rest of the family in the dining or living room.

b) Breakfast Bars

Breakfast Bar

A breakfast bar is basically a kitchen peninsula or island – or a part of it – to add a special space in the kitchen where you can start the day. In most houses, it is the peninsula that gets turned into a breakfast bar, due to a lack of sufficient space to dedicate an entire island for breakfasts.

If your kitchen is narrow, a breakfast bar on a kitchen peninsula with stools arranged all around can give an edge to the space. Plus, if you don’t want a wall to separate the kitchen from the dining room or living area, you can pull down the door and half the wall and turn it into a breakfast bar.

Typically, a breakfast bar is taller than a regular island and does not house stovetops, sinks, or appliances, unlike a large island. But if you have sufficient space, you can add coffee machines, toasters, a unit for breakfast crockery and cutlery, etc.

c) Dining Tables

Kitchen Dining Table

Dining tables in the kitchen space is only possible if you have a medium or large kitchen. It can become the focal point of the kitchen if you manage to select the appropriate material, design, size, and shape of the table to match your kitchen area. Choosing the dining table is no easy task.

Having a table in the kitchen is essentially a way of bringing the dining room and the kitchen together. In modern homes, family members have very little time to spend with each other. That’s where a dining table in the kitchen comes into play so everyone can cook and dine together.

If the space in your house is limited, tearing down the wall between the kitchen and the dining area to combine the two can give an open, fresh look to the house and create the illusion of a larger area. A dining table is a key piece of furniture to do this successfully. It also makes service easier.

d) Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen Wooden Butcher Block

When it comes to the kitchen countertops, you have to consider a few factors like the material, color, design, thickness, etc. The goal is to ensure that the countertop not only looks good but also remains sturdy. The countertop is, after all, an essential part of the kitchen.

This is where you will place all the essential kitchen equipment and appliances and also go on to do your cooking, chopping, and working. The work surface also extends to the sink. So, this elaborate section deserves attention. Go for dark or vibrant shades to make it stand out and create a contrast.

Select thick materials like marble, granite, ceramics, or quartz. Modern kitchens have stainless steel and wood sections, especially as an extension of the sink or for an inbuilt chopping board. The latest kitchen trends include countertops with minimal patterns and lights beneath countertops!

e) Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet Design

Kitchen cabinetry can make or break your kitchen experience. They add storage benefits while creating a statement about your taste. To make your kitchen cabinet look great, consider the shutter style, finish, color, and of course, practicality, be it base cabinetry or wall cabinetry.

One of the latest kitchen trends is the use of glass in the cabinet doors, either in the form of insets or as frameless panels. If you’re not a fan of the fingerprints on the glass but still want the transparency, you can simply choose open-shelved wall cabinets in your kitchen.

Larder and pantries are great storage solutions for homeowners. The design elements for cabinets are based on your kitchen style, i.e., whether it is a minimalistic, contemporary kitchen or screams vintage Europe. Wood remains one of the favorite materials for cabinetry in modern kitchens.

f) Pendant Lights

pendant lighting

Pendant lights in kitchens have been a favorite among many homeowners for a while now, and this kitchen trend for 2021 is not going anywhere. One of the best things about decorating kitchens with this type of lamp is that pendant lights go with every style and design.

Pendant lamps can me of any material – glass, metal, or even plastic. Don’t go overboard with the size of the laps just to make your lamp installations visible. For a soothing effect, you can go for a series of pendant lights. You can also go for combinations of ambient and task lights.

Take into account the cord length as well. If you have a high ceiling, you will need long cords, like 12-24′. In general, they come with 4′ cords. Also, think about the bulb you want to use. You can go for incandescent bulbs or vintage lamps with tungsten filament. The range is quite wide.

g) Kitchen Faucets

Kitchen Faucets 2021

Looking for practical features is an essential part of choosing kitchen faucets. But choosing convenience and dependability does not mean you have to compromise when it comes to looks. Luckily, there are faucets that fit into modern kitchens seamlessly and offer excellent features.

Choose a faucet silhouette with clean lines. Such designs match modern kitchens and are therefore the top kitchen trend of the year. A single-handle pull-down or pull-out faucet is a convenient choice for the cleaning station because it is easy to operate for turning the water flow on or off.

As for materials of the faucet, you can pick regular steel or black steel. You can also choose a oil-rubbed finish for a unique look. Your entire kitchen redecoration project can go to waste if you fail to pick a faucet that’s not sleek enough or matte enough to maintain the other design aspects.

h) Kitchen Color Palette

Benjamin Moore Kitchen Paint Colours

A white/grey kitchen is a design trend that many of the top design experts are swearing by in 2021. In this style of kitchens, white marble flooring is one of the constants. While you can choose white kitchen cabinets, there are many other accent color options.

Kitchen color trends in 2021 include wood tones, though you can also replace wood colors with latte shades. Other earthy colors like forest green or deep blue. To create a contrast, midnight blue for cabinets and other elements can be used.

For a bolder look, use a two tone style in the white kitchen for an eye catching combo of colors to bring out the best of all kitchens, even in a small home. While darker materials are a favorite for countertops, light marble color can create a unique look. We use and recommend Benjamin Moore Paints, as a premium kitchen paint.

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