Are you planning of making changes to your home to give it a new look? Looking to make changes to the kitchen or bathroom? One of the most popular destinations is the Truax Design Centre Showroom. You can get all of your questions answered at our kitchen and bathroom showroom, where you will find expert advice to all your home redecoration needs!

For most homeowners with home renovation plans, kitchen and bath can often be tricky. Your contractor can guide you. But you will not be satisfied unless you can visualize what your kitchen and bath will look like. That’s why you should walk into the home decor showrooms.

Let’s find out how you will find the best help at a trusted home decor showroom with expert showroom consultants, like that of Truax Design Centre in Windsor, Ontario.

Why Choose Truax Design Centre Showroom

When it comes to kitchen and bath renovations, Truax Design Centre is the market leader, with the best design ideas and showroom consultants to take care of the kitchen and bath needs of every homeowner. The range of products available at our showroom will make your home renovation plan easier and more fun to execute.

Our bathroom and kitchen showroom in Windsor, Ontario, is easy to locate, and you will get easy access to our products. Here, you will find fixtures, bathtubs, cupboards, faucets, sinks, and more. Our range of designs will give you several choices in different categories.

You will find all kinds of accessories needed for showers, toilets, and more. Our reputation precedes us, and that’s not just because of our past remodeling projects but also because of the incredible customer service we provide. Our bathroom and kitchen showroom consultants will help you make the right choices, and our customer care team will be available if you need help after you make the purchase.

Great Product catalog at our bathroom and kitchen showroom

At our showroom in Windsor, Ontario, you will find the following product sections:

a) Kitchen Cabnitetry

We have a selection of kitchen cabinetry and accessories in both classic and contemporary designs. These are made of the best quality materials by designers and craftsmen with unmatched knowledge and experience in this field to ensure the highest level of satisfaction.

b) Bathroom Vanities

As a bath store, we have an impressive selection of bathroom renovation products in different categories. These include showers, sinks, faucets, bathtubs, and anything else you might need for all home decoration projects and add new life to your bathroom.

Whether you want new cabinetry in your kitchen or need to give a new look to the bath, we have the answer waiting for you at our kitchen and bath store. Our showroom has an incredible product selection from which you can choose the best for your home.

Besides kitchen and bath accessories, you will also find flooring, ceiling, crown molding, and other accessories in our kitchen and bathroom showroom. We also take care of the delivery and help you at every step possible.

We are one of the top manufacturers of bath and kitchen accessories!

There are many brands out there with stores in different locations to meet up to the American standard of home decor. But Canada is not far behind. There are many home decor brands with stores in your location. Thanks to them, people here are fast catching up with this American standard. Without a doubt, Truax is one of the best in the country.

Our customers consider us the kitchen and bathroom product experts in the country and swear by our service. We strive to provide the best products, coupled with the most advanced technology for redesigning your kitchen and bathroom. Using design software, our team of experts finishes home looks that will give you the best ideas.

With the latest design trends, you will be able to update the look of your bath and kitchen. Every homeowner has a different sense of aesthetics, and we understand that. As for decor service providers, we always try to respect the wishes of all our customers and bring their imaginations to life.

If you are inspired by the American standard of home decor, we are here to provide you top-notch service and answer all your questions regarding the latest trends in the designs of toilets and kitchens.

What to look for in bath and kitchen decor brands:

When choosing good bath and kitchen brands, you need someone trustworthy, reasonably priced, and ready to help you at every step. Their big promises should not just be limited to promotions but should translate to reality. Their showrooms should be in easy-to-reach locations and give you quick access to their bath and kitchen fixtures and accessories.

At Truax Design Centre, you will find everything you can ask for. Our showroom is ready to welcome you so that you can find the right accessories for your kitchen, bath, and your house in general. Our products include –

  1. Cabinetry – your kitchen needs the best storage units to ensure that the place not only looks great but also keeps your food, spices, cooking utensils, etc., safe.
  2. Lighting – Whether you’s your bath, kitchen, or any other part of the house, lighting can make or break the look of the site.
  3. Bathtubs – A popular bath accessory in showers, a bathtub is often skipped on purpose when decorating toilets. We have a range of tubs that are pocket-friendly and compact.
  4. Faucets – In both toilets and kitchens, faucets are indispensable. There are different types of faucets that you can choose from.
  5. Sinks: Just like faucets, sinks, too, are a crucial part of every bath and kitchen. You will find the trendiest sinks in our showroom in Windsor.

Final Works

Taking up a project to renovate or decorate your bath or kitchen is not easy.


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But to make your task easier, you can contact us at Truax Design Centre for an appointment to sort your kitchen and plumbing needs.

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