Kitchen Makeovers

Bored with your current kitchen? How about giving your bland white kitchen a complete makeover with installing new kitchen cabinets? Kitchen makeovers can change the look and feel of your kitchen and create an ambiance that will get you excited to cook in the kitchen. It should also make your job more convenient.

The kitchen is one of the most sacred places in the house, isn’t it? It’s the place where you can create the kind of magic that makes your family members smile. This is where you can let your creative juices flow. So, kitchen decor creates an environment that you will love to work in.

Here are a few things that will help you with kitchen makeover plans.

Why Consider Creative and Practical Ideas for Kitchen Makeovers 

If you own a home in Windsor, purchasing real estate does not burn a hole in your pocket. So, you can always set aside some amount of money for kitchen renovation. You can rebuild your favorite part of the home. It’s not enough to make your kitchen aesthetically pleasing. Your kitchen should also be functional. Let’s put it another way; from kitchen cabinets to countertops, everything should be practical and beautiful at the same time.

It is not just about kitchen cabinets or other furniture, though. You also need to think about the perfect light and color. Will pendant lights complement the shape and decor of your kitchen? Will the Benjamin Moore paint in white suit the size of the space? You must consider everything.

So, to ensure that your kitchen looks stunning and makes your life easier and enjoyable, you should contact a designer who can help you achieve the kitchen design or function that you’re looking for. After all, kitchen remodeling is no easy job, and then trying to do it all on your own can be quite overwhelming.

Your kitchen makeover plan must incorporate space-saving, organized, and stylish design ideas of kitchen cabinets and countertops to serve all purposes. There’s a lot to think about. You’ll need to consider the ideal size of your kitchen cabinets, whether or not you should put a kitchen island or range hood chimney, what kind of kitchen dining ideas will suit your home, etc.

You also need to think about picking the right paint colors, which is more complicated than you think. You have to make sure that everything is well-coordinated and works cohesively to give the room a new look, making it large and well-lit. Consider if the subway tile backsplash you’ve chosen will go with white cabinets.

Modern Design Ideas and New Elements for Kitchen Makeovers

So you’re ready for a kitchen makeover in your home. But what are the elements that you can choose? Are old favorites in the home decor world, like a wood kitchen, still considered a classic? Can you combine them with modern stainless steel items? Should your kitchen be coordinated with the dining or living room?

It’s time to consider some popular elements that you can consider at the time of kitchen makeovers –

a) Kitchen Island

kitchen island

A freestanding countertop with cabinet, sitting in the center of the kitchen, can work as an excellent storage unit. You can add chairs all around the kitchen island to turn your kitchen into a dining room, while your crockery and cutlery can be stored in drawers and kitchen cabinets below. It is a multi-functional addition to the kitchen.

b) Open Shelving

open storage kitchen shelving

Open shelves can be challenging to plan, construct, and install, and they require a pro. But they also make your life in the kitchen a lot easier. There are always appliances, utensils, ingredients, etc. that you’ll need to access without hassle. Such items need open shelves. Plus, you can add a kitchen cabinet doors on then anytime.

c) Butcher Block

Kitchen Wooden Butcher Block

A butcher’s block is a piece of wood that can come in handy as a cutting and chopping board. While it’s a common sight at butcher shops for cutting and mincing meat, you can set one in your home kitchen. It’s easy to make using leftover wood, and you’ll have a dedicated space for all cutting and chopping jobs.

d) Kitchen Countertops

Marble stone kitchen countertop

It is essential to plan how much of the kitchen space you would want to dedicate to a countertop. Remember that this is where you will place all the primary tools and appliances. It also has to be designed with an ergonomic height. It’s also a good idea to put a cabinet below the countertop to complement upper cabinets.

Is It Worth Doing A Kitchen Makeover?

Kitchen makeovers are never easy. They can be expensive, and take up the kitchen space entirely for quite a few days, even weeks. So, is it really worth the time, expense, and hassle to renovate the home kitchen? The answer depends on what kind of a home you’re living in and how much your budget is.

On average, the cost of makeovers for kitchens across Canada is $25,000. In Windsor, you can remodel your home kitchen at anything between $9000 and $30000, depending on your budget and what you want to do with the kitchen. But when your kitchen starts to feel like a boring place or inconvenient, it’s time to remodel.

Start by setting a budget so that you can choose affordable decorating ideas. You see, without a budget, there’s every possibility for you to go overboard with exorbitantly priced kitchen ideas. Whether you want a country kitchen look or a modern decor with cutting-edge options, planning properly is the key.

Instead of going for an entire kitchen makeover, try small upgrades. Start at kitchen cabinets and countertops. Try a paint job for the room or add backsplashes and flooring. Rethink the lighting options in the kitchen. Makeovers are about ensuring that the corner in the home where you spend a long time is in perfect shape, besides installing modern decor ideas.

Makeovers for Kitchens with Traux Design Centre

For the best and the most affordable kitchen makeovers, one of the best decorators to consult is Traux Design Centre. If you want to see your kitchen in a brand new look with modern decor ideas, we are here for you. Whether it’s a brand new white kitchen cabinet or a design makeover to match the current home decor, our kitchen ideas for makeover can completely transform kitchens.

Call us now for Interior Design Renovations

We believe that kitchens can make a house a home, and we ensure that our kitchen makeover and design plans can make your home stunning. We can take care of the smallest elements, like kitchen cabinets, paint jobs, and more. Besides kitchen ideas, we also offer other house remodeling services. So if you want to see a new look in your house, get in touch with us today!

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