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Looking to maximize your bathroom storage so you have more space to move? Have you ever noticed that your bathroom plays a very important role in giving your day a fresh start? However if you bathroom is small or cramped it may have the opposite effect.


We all know how a cluttered bathroom can completely ruin the mood! This is particularly true when you have too much clutter in a small space. The good news is… you can choose these clever ideas to maximize bathroom storage to open up the room.


Whether you hire a professional bathroom remodeling service to create your new design or tackle your bathroom on your own, you must aim to add storage units that not only accommodate your bathroom essentials but also keep them hidden from plain sight. They must use every bit of dead space in the bathroom intelligently.


Let’s take a look at 10 stylish ways to redecorate your tiny bathroom and maximize bathroom storage!

Stylish Bathroom Storage: How Best to Utilize Limited Space


Open shelves, recessed cabinets, drawers, and bigger bathroom vanities: the options for adding extra storage space to a small bathroom are many and sometimes, confusing!

Let’s take a look at some clever small bathroom storage ideas to ensure that your little piece of heaven looks spacious and comfortable!


1) Bathroom Vanity

A bathroom vanity beneath your bathroom sink is a good choice for a storage option to keep all your personal items and utilize some dead space. Depending on the kind of space and the design of your bathroom, you can choose a wall-to-wall custom vanity or buy a more compact unit for a smaller space with sleek flat-panel doors.


Modern Bathroom Vanity


2) Medicine Cabinet

Running out of floor space? Don’t worry. A medicine cabinet with a mirror, installed on top of the sink, is one of the best storage solutions for a bathroom with limited square footage. From dental floss to night creams, from morning vitamins to bedtime medicines everything can fit into these cabinets. You won’t even need a separate mirror!


Medicine Cabinet




3) Bench Seating

Ask any woman in the house, and she’ll tell you how she will appreciate a seat in the bathroom so she can shave her legs or wait for her face mask to dry. A bathroom seat can have a vanity or a cubby hole to keep hampers. You can keep pressed clothes on the top of the seat, too, and use the space beneath to store towels or laundry.


bathroom bench seats


4) Ladder Shelf

Ladder shelves help utilize vertical spaces and are a practical solution when you have limited bathroom space. They come in many innovative designs to add something decorative to the bathroom. From used clothes to bath towels, you can use them for anything. Some of them even have removable wire baskets or shelves.


Ladder Shelf in the Bathroom


5) Linen Tower

Another intelligent way to use the maximum amount of wall space in the bathroom is the linen tower. It can be fitted into the smallest bathroom spaces between other cabinets or fill gaps. These are usually small and tall with minimized footprints. You can even place these freestanding cabinets with exposed shelves just outside the bathroom.


Linen Tower Rack



6) Wicker Basket

We generally keep baskets hidden in the vanity beneath the sink or bench seating to throw our bathroom waste away. You can also use baskets for clothes that need to go to the washing machine. You can keep them beneath the cubby seat. Remember to pick a portable basket and place it in such a way that it’s easy for you to access and clean out.


Small Wicker Baskets


7) Shower Caddy

A shower caddy is an excellent way to keep all your shower essentials in one place and access everything from soap to shampoo just by extending your hand. It also prevents clutter. You can mount it over the showerhead or on the wall. You can also pick a hand-held caddy with a handle and a basket and place it anywhere you like!


Shower Caddy


8) Recessed Cabinet

Recessed shelves or cabinets are set into the wall so that all the free space on walls to cater to your bathroom storage needs. These can have open shelves or hide behind a mirror or cabinet door. They are perfect for making the best use of the wall when the floor space is not enough to place freestanding shelves or cabinets.


Bathroom Recessed Cabinets


9) Door Organizer

Leaving the door empty and unused is such a waste in a small bathroom! Door organizers are an efficient use of space when your bathroom has minimal space. These can range from sleek hanging baskets to hooks or towel rods that you can place at the back of the bathroom door. Some can be folded and carried with you while traveling.


Door hanger


10) Make Up Desk

A makeup desk with a beauty organizer is not just for a woman who likes to look pretty in the morning but also for the metrosexual man who likes to groom himself regularly. The idea is to ensure that personal care is fun and satisfying, instead of tedious. It must have a mirror and be placed in a spot with lots of light from different sides.


MakeUp Desk


Contact Truax Design Centre to Expand your Bathroom Space:

With Real Estate prices at an all-time high, even purchasing a smaller house may seem unaffordable. In most situations, you have to make the best of what is available in your home and go the renovations route.


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To make the best use of space in a small or medium-sized bathroom, you can go for different types of storage units. In addition to shelf vanities with closed doors to towel racks and rods, these will make your life easier while your small bathroom will look and feel larger! If you want to talk to an expert about bathroom renovations or need space ideas contact us today!

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