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How to Tackle Bathroom Renovations like a Pro

Bathroom reno is an essential part of home renovations, and they can make a whole lot of difference to the house. It can reflect your personal taste, add a place of relaxation and refreshment, and change your mood every time. Most people take the help of professional bathroom contractors from the very beginning, while others choose to handle bathroom renovations independently.

But how do you tackle bathroom reno like a pro? It’s all about planning everything properly, from color to light installation, from cost analysis to getting the right contractor and get the best quality of work. Let’s take a quick look at how to go about the process of getting a beautiful bathroom.

Getting Started with Handling Bathroom Renovations

To begin with the process of renovating your bathroom, you need to do the basic groundwork. This will help you decide how much of the work you would like to handle alone.


You need to pay attention to planning the bathroom, especially when you have a small space to work with. How contemporary do you want the bathroom decor to be? What kind of new bathroom floor tiles would you prefer? Do you want to add a freestanding tub or the installation of a spotlight?


Your bathroom ideas and plans regarding bathroom remodeling will depend on the purpose. Do you simply want a redecoration to display your taste, or are there damages to be repaired? You should also consider if the bathroom is attached to the master bedroom or for guests, i.e., how much personal use it will handle.

Cost Assessment:

Analyzing the cost will help you plan according to your budget. Are you planning to have a luxurious bathroom? Then you have to figure out where you can splurge, how to save your unnecessary expenses if it’s possible to salvage anything from the old bathroom, an applicable tax or expense you should expect, etc.

Space Usage:

You already have your plan. Now is the time to evaluate the bathroom space available for you and consider layouts that will work for you. While you may have a specific idea about the bathroom floor tiles, lighting, and more, they may not necessarily be right for the space or layout of the available space.


Another crucial decision to make involves the materials you’ll need to complement your chosen design and budget. Accordingly, you’ll need to shop for the lights, tiles, cabinets, countertops, shower heads and other products and fixtures. according to your preference and budget. Don’t


Storage units are essential, especially in a small bathroom. By using the right cabinets and drawers in the right places, you will be able to make the best of the space available in your bathroom. They will also make your bathroom look clutter-free, and hence, larger.

DIY or Hire Contractor:

Now that you know what you want your bathroom to look like and the problems you want to address, it’s time to decide whether you want to handle it alone. If not, at what stage do you want a contractor to step in? They will be able to assemble a team and meet your renovation needs with pro service.

Tips for Bathroom Renovations

You now know how to approach your big fat bathroom renovation. Here are a few tips to keep you on track:

Creating Extra Space:

If your bathroom is small, pay attention to creating recesses on the wall to fit in soap dishes, toilet rolls, or even cabinets. You can even get recessed light installations.


Exhaust fans are the best way of adding ventilation to the bathroom. You need to consider how many cubic feet of air it can move out every minute. Don’t forget the noise levels.


Ceramic or porcelain floor tiles are popular choices for bathrooms. But if you love hardwood flooring, go for luxury vinyl plank flooring engineered to create the look and feel of wood.


Light colors make a room look larger. So, if you have to work with a small space, white or other light shades are the best for walls, ceilings, and even fixtures.


Poor lighting makes your bathroom look dingy, and focusing on your face and hair becomes hard. You can have spotlights and sconces around the mirror. Consider a dimmer switch, too.

Decor Pieces:

Freestanding pieces can be decorative additions to your bathroom, but you must ensure that they serve other purposes, like doubling as a storage space for holding towels and soaps.


Speaking of holding towels, don’t forget to add hooks to hang towels and clothes instead of having full-fledged countertops. You can place them on cabinet sides, doors, etc.


Mirrors are not just for fixing your look or staring at yourself while you brush in the morning. Mirrors also make the bathroom look larger and better lit.

Final Words

Many homeowners love to take on bigger responsibilities for their dream bathroom renovation projects, especially if they know their way around hardware. But remember that renovating the bathroom is no minor renovation or domestic repair. It’s a good idea to consult a professional at an early stage.


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