Installing a Basement Bathroom

Many people think about installing another bathroom in their house, if they only have one available. Especially in a different level of the home, like their basement. While the idea may seem tantalizing at first, it is important to realize that it requires time, money, and proper planning. So, what do you need to know before adding more basement plumbing and a new bathroom to your home?

Here are all the basics before you take the plunge.
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There are many reasons to consider getting a bathroom installed for your basement. If you have kids or want to rent your house out, you may need an extra bathroom in your basement, just for day to day living. But there are other reasons to want a bathroom in the basement, too.

Here are some of the pros and cons of installing a bathroom in your basement:


  • Convenience. If you spend a lot of time in your basement, why not have a bathroom there?
  • Increased home value. Having a second bathroom increases your house’s value by 5.7% according to OpenDoor.com
  • Rentals. Great if you want your house to have a rental unit.
  • Necessity. Sometimes, if you have many family members, second and third bathrooms are a real need.


  • Requires professional assistance, unless you are a professional contractor.
  • Takes up some living space.
  • You will have to create a budget for the project.

I Want a Bathroom for My Basement. Now What?

The next step would be to create a solid plan for the bathroom. This should include rough measurements for the area, as well as some design ideas that can take to a professional bathroom renovation specialist. They will be able to tackle some of the harder tasks.

They should take into account plumbing, ventilation, electrical needs and other fixture necessities. Depending on the scope of work, it may be necessary to acquire building planning permits (covered more in detail below) from local authorities.

Once these details have been set in place and their required permissions acquired, construction can begin. Before starting any project, it is helpful to contractors if the area is fully clean, with no clutter or mess is laying about, that they can trip over.

During this stage, your “basement dream bathroom” considerations are brought into play, such as buying fixtures, vanities, showers, soaker tubs and flooring materials (e.g., tiles). Truax bathroom design specialists and use design software, so everything fits into one space and ensures a successful renovation project.

Step 1: Go to City Hall

Did you know that your town might not allow you to have a bathroom in your basement? You may also have to get the proper permits, including a building permit, even if you can otherwise pay the installation cost. They will also have building codes, plans for your drainage lines, and more papers for your professionals. A bathroom is a giant construction project, so treat it like one.

Step 2: Clean Your Basement

Cleaning your basement is, by far, the worst part of the installation process. Many of us store all sorts of things in our basements. Cleaning your basement will give you an idea of how much extra space you have to work with.

MassRealty.World.Edu has 6 tips for cleaning your basement. Try them and see how much space is left when you’re done!

Step 3: Get Basement Bathroom Ideas

Basement bathroom installation requires proper planning. Factor in things like natural light (not all basements have that) when imagining your bathroom fixtures. Truax Design’s showrooms will give you plenty of ideas for your perfect basement bathroom design. If you need more fodder, Avantela has 65 more ideas.

Step 4: Mark Your Fixtures

Your next step is to mark where you want certain bathroom features to be. For example, you will not need any professional experience to determine where your shower drain could be. Mark the exact location of your future shower, sink, toilet, and bathtub on your basement floor. Indicate other features on your basement walls. This will help the bathroom remodeling contractor and plumbing professionals put your bathroom together.

Step 5: Call the Professionals

Once you have a properly finished basement and have marked where you want your shower stall and basement toilet to be, it’s time to call in the pros. As tempting as it might be to DIY a bathroom installation, it is not usually wise. Don’t be afraid to ask licensed professionals about installing a bathroom in your basement. They can handle practical building challenges that you probably cannot.

You will need to call:

  • A professional plumber. Master plumbers will know the locations of septic lines, cold water lines, and other aspects of your toilet systems. They will be the ones handling your basement bathroom plumbing and upflush toilets.
  • An electrician. You will need an electrician to wire your light fixtures and anything else that would require electricity in your future bathroom.
  • A home inspector. The inspection process will let you know not only if your basement is up to code, but also what you can do about your damp basement. Remember, adding a bathroom to your house will add humidity. The EPA (from the US) has a list of ways you can improve the level of moisture in your house.
  • A basement contractor—especially if you plan to do any other renovations, like a basement finishing project. They will help with any other issue your basement has. They may also need to tear up your concrete floors to install the proper plumbing or wiring.

Once all of these steps are completed and the bathroom is ready for use, it’s time to enjoy a beautiful new addition to your basement!

Be Sure to Contact Traux Design Center!

At Truax Design, we specialize in designing entire rooms of your house, including basement kitchen installation, bathroom remodels, and other home improvement projects. We will walk you through the entire renovation process.

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We will also help you match paint colors, ensure there is adequate ventilation, and make sure you have the proper building authority before working on your perfect bathroom. Contact us today about a bathroom for your basement, or visit our Windsor showroom to get inspired!

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