7 Simple Bathroom Design Rules

Is something missing in your bathroom layout, but you can’t pinpoint what? Maybe you’ve unwittingly broken some bathroom design rules. Bathrooms have secret guidelines for maximum comfort and aesthetic appeal.

Here are seven simple bathroom ideas to make your boring bathroom more beautiful. You probably did some of them without realizing it or altering your primary bathroom layout!

1. Let There Be Light

Letting light into your bathroom may be just what it needs to shine its brightest. Natural light is best, but if need be, you can use artificial lighting fixtures (such as sconces) for a similar effect. If your bathroom doesn’t have windows, you must reconsider your bathroom layout to let more natural light in. Accent lighting may still do a world of good.

shower window bathroom

You can also use mirrors to amplify the amount of light in your bathroom. A vanity mirror will add more light than you think. Do everything you can to give your dream bathroom ambient lighting.

2. Clear the Clutter

Bathrooms need more storage space than you realize. Ideally, you should be able to put away anything that isn’t a permanent fixture. Get shelves or wall cabinets for all of your bathroom supplies. You should have at least one towel rack or hook close to the bath or shower. You may have unused walls by the time you’re done!

And while you are on an organizational spree, see if you can put all of your brushes and cosmetics into neatly organized drawers. This article on MSN says that drawer organizers and beautiful containers not only give you a more organized feeling but make putting your makeup on more fun!

Maximize Bathroom Storage

Having a lot of bathroom storage like extra shelving, makes your bathroom a calm, relaxing space. Try putting everything away and you’ll see more floor space than you thought.

3. Max Your Minimalism

It helps to remember that you only have so much space to work with for your dream bathroom. It is often best to combine your bathtub and shower enclosure into one section instead of having a separate shower. You want to fit as much as you can in the minimum space possible. There should only be essential elements.

That means shower spaces and toilets alike must take up very little extra space. Get a corner shower to take advantage of an entire wall that is already there. Use a wall-hung toilet bowl to hide many plumbing fixtures that would otherwise take up space on your bathroom floor. You will suddenly have a lot of extra space!

Bathroom Design Consultants

If you have the time, resources, and mathematical skills, you may wish to engineer your bathroom to artistic perfection. Smartdraw.com can help you visualize your dream bathroom before you begin the actual bathroom remodel process. There are also measurements for perfect floor planes, minimum heights, ideas for floor-to-ceiling height, shower size, and everything else.

4. Mind Your Moisture

No matter how clean your dream bathroom is, moisture is the enemy of your attempts to keep it clean. Every bathroom has at least one water source. Make sure your bathroom is well-ventilated with a bathroom fan, and use paint with a mildew-proof finish. Your home may not be equipped with a properly-sized exhaust fan, but you might not know unless you contact someone who specializes in mechanical ventilation. You will need to measure your bathroom to know the minimum ventilation.

5. Colour or Not?

Many bathrooms these days favour monochrome or neutral colour palettes. Decorative tiles can lend a luxurious feel to your lavatory while white bathrooms offer the feeling of more space. If you want colours, use a colour wheel to see what might go with your colour scheme. Consider mosaic tiles, ceramic tiles, and different tile finishes to contribute to your theme. You should only need 2–3 colours.

6. Fix the Messy Details

Something may be “off” about your bathroom, but you can’t pinpoint what. One of the more common instances of this is a horizontal ridge of tile that goes a little too far up the wall. This can lead to messy grout lines on your walls. It’s painful to clean and does not contribute to a calm space.

Plumbing fixtures also do not look good. You may need to contact your fixture manufacturers about hiding your plumbing fixtures, as well as your toilet’s water source.

7. Be Functional and Fashionable

Finally, remember that a bathroom is meant to be used. Anything that keeps it from being usable has to go. Your bathroom needs accessible storage, including at least one towel bar. The countertop space should be mostly clear. Your light should have a nice ambient glow. The sink and other fixtures should be at a comfortable height for everyone in your household—including the occasional guest.


We hope this article has given you many bathroom ideas for your dream bathroom. You can probably improve your current layout by tweaking a few bathroom features, like adding towel racks or drawer organizers to create more bathroom space. Hopefully, you are closer than you were before by following our bathroom design rules to get to your perfect bathroom!

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If you still can’t pinpoint what is “off” about your bathroom, it may be time to call a professional about bathroom design rules that can add more functionality. Contact us about your dream bathroom online, and don’t forget to visit our Windsor showroom! We use our floor space to improve yours!

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