10 bathroom remodeling ideas

If your bathroom suffers from old drab paint, warped or chipped countertops, and an overall look that is set way back to the 70’s, it may be time to consider a new bathroom design.Truax Design can help you find your bathroom’s new look and functionality. Check out some of our inspiring ideas for bathroom remodeling in this helpful article!

Let’s have a look at these 10 bathroom remodeling ideas for 2022.

1. Choose a Hidden-Tank Toilet

The toilet is rarely the most interesting or elegant part of your bathroom. While you could invest in a more luxurious toilet, it may be both easier and more efficient for space to pick a hidden-tank toilet. The main difference is that a hidden-tank toilet hides most of its workings inside your bathroom wall, often only showing steel buttons. If you want a modern, elegant bathroom, it’s an excellent design choice. It also gives you more bathroom space to work with!

hidden tank toilet for small bathrooms

2. Improve the Lighting

Any bathroom should be well-lit and bright (especially for make-up!). Whether you prefer brass fixtures or a nickle finish, you should back light your mirrors and also have ceiling lights for extra light in the right places.  Also consider the importance of a fan for ventilation, you can use a combination of light fixtures and windows to make the most of the light available within your bathroom.

That said, your bathroom should have a lot of white space. Include white walls and framed mirrors to reflect natural light, making your bathroom seem more spacious.

bathroom lighting

3. Include a Window Close to the Shower

Another thing to consider, if you have the time and extra space, is including a window in or close by to your walk-in shower. Adding a window to your shower lets in more natural light and saves energy. If the window is easy to open, it is also an excellent way to ventilate your humid bathroom, preventing mold, mildew, and other moisture-related issues.

shower window bathroom

Your first instinct about a window in your shower might be, “but what if somebody sees me?!” There are many ways to enjoy natural light while maintaining your privacy. Frosted glass and window film are both excellent for this, but the better solution might be to get a smaller window just off to the side—think around a third or half of your height (like the one pictured above).
Ceiling windows are another option. DigsDigs has an astonishing photo gallery and more information on showers with lovely windows. You can also see some amazing showers in person at our Windsor Showroom if you happen to be nearby.

4. Think About Heated Flooring

Heated flooring is a new favorite feature of the modern bathroom. If you are feeling ambitious, you can even attempt to do it yourself to save on remodeling costs. Ask our professional bathroom designers in Windsor about bathroom updates if you want your tile to have a little heat under the feet!

But why would you want heated bathroom flooring in the first place? HGTV puts it best: “if your feet are warm, you will stay warm.” There’s nothing like a warm towel immediately after a bath or shower, and nothing worse than the biting cold after taking a hot bath.

One important thing to always remember is to waterproof your flooring and heating system if you are thinking about heated floors. Moisture is the enemy, especially around electronics and inside walls or joists.

5. Have a Neutral Colour Scheme

Your bathroom should favor neutral colours and tones. Shades of gray, beige, and white will make your bathroom feel calm and inviting. Let a lot of natural light in for the best results. White walls and gray tiles are in for 2022. White cabinets and gray countertops add to a neutral palette. If nothing else, keep your sink a neutral colour.


Popular Neutral Paint Colours Benjamin Moore

But if an all-white bathroom is a little too boring, why not consider a beige tile bathroom remodel? The possibilities for bathroom makeovers are endless!

6. Use the Right Paint

When painting bathroom walls, always consider that there will be a high level of moisture most, if not all, of the time. You need paint that will resist mildew, at minimum, to prevent unsightly bubbling and peeling. According to Forbes, the best types of bathroom paint are both mildew-resistant (it will mention this on the can) and have either a satin or gloss finish for an extra bit of waterproofing. At Truax Design Centre we are a proud Benjamin Paint Store, come see us in person for the best paint selection.

7. Prioritize Ventilation & Larger Plumbing / Piping

Speaking of high levels of moisture, make sure to prioritize ventilation, plumbing, and piping. Moisture is the great destroyer of bathroom decorations, so you should factor it in when considering bathroom renovations. You should still have a spacious bathroom when you’re done.

8. Ensure You Have Enough Storage Space

Your bathroom should have plenty of bathroom storage space for all your bathroom accessories. If you get custom design & construction, extra storage space can be seamlessly integrated into the walls. Include a towel rack and closet space for extra towels. You want plenty of counter space, so be sure you have places to store everything!

9. Consider Countertops Carefully

Even if you have mildew-proof paint, your bathroom might not be safe from fungi. Moisture in your bathroom can wreck everything from your ceiling to your countertops, to everything made of wood. For this reason, we cannot recommend wooden countertops. Ceramic/tile countertops can also conceal fungi in between the cracks.

So, what to do for your bathroom? Cambria countertops look great and will last a very long time. Resin, natural stone, crushed glass, concrete, and quartz countertops are also fine options. Pick the one that best suits the aesthetic of your bathroom.

10. Consult with an Expert Bathroom Designer

Are you ready to give your Windsor bathroom a complete makeover? If you don’t think you can do it all yourself, come in to talk with us and we can help you find the right bathroom contractor. Our experts have experience in both modern bathroom design and classic styles.

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Visit our bathroom page to start your bathroom remodel project today! We specialize in the custom design & construction of bathrooms, kitchens, doors, and more! Don’t forget to stop by our Windsor Kitchen and Bathroom Showroom for more bathroom remodeling ideas to make your new space as elegant as possible!

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