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If you’re planning on renovating your house, the bathroom is always an excellent place to start. It is a place where you get an energizing start and hopefully a relaxing bath to end the day. So it should be able to reflect your lifestyle in a special way. A bathroom remodeling project should be able to help you achieve the luxury you want from your bathroom oasis.

The cost of a bathroom renovation project will vary in Canada, but the new look is worth the price you pay for it. Wouldn’t you want a bathroom that not only looks great but is also highly functional? But for best results, you need to consult professional bathroom design consultants.

Let’s find out more about the renovation process and the role bathroom design consultants play in project planning.

What to Expect from Professional Bathroom Designers

When homeowners contact professional bathroom designers, they want their bathrooms to look beautifully refreshed, whether master bathrooms or guest baths. But how do professional designers accomplish that? Let’s take a look at what you can expect a professional bathroom designer to do after you consult them.

bathroom planning

a) Conceptualizing Custom Bathroom

The first thing your designer will do is understand your needs and preferences. So they’ll ask you about the colors and materials you like, the frequency at which the bathroom will be used, and the reason behind the renovation, i.e., if there is a problem with space, the functional features or if you want to change the look. The home owner’s age is also essential for planning the bathroom if safety features are required.

b) Designing the Bathroom

Based on the information gathered, the designer will start planning the new look of your bathroom. It will depend on the current space and layout to give you your dream bathroom. This process may require the designer to visit your home to assess the area. They should involve you in on the decision making process, like choosing between space and your preferences.

c) Determining a Realistic Budget

It’s no secret that the more money you can put into a bathroom renovation project, the more luxurious it will be. However, realistically speaking, every homeowner has a fixed budget. At the same time, every decorator also knows the costs associated with the project. So, based on your budget, they will tell you how much can be achieved to give you the best bathroom fixtures and functionalities.

d) Choosing Design Elements, Accessories, etc.

Once the budget is determined, it becomes easy to choose the suitable vanities, lighting, sink and toilet, countertop, mirror, fixtures, bathtub, etc. The design elements like materials and colors are selected in this phase. The available space and the bathroom layout, natural sources of light, etc., play an essential role in choosing the right elements and accessories.

e) Client Approval

Once all the plans and designs are in place, it is the client’s, i.e., your turn to take a final look at everything and approve of the project, design, accessories, etc. However, it is to be noted that while your final approval is essential, this is not your only involvement. Most smart designers will keep you updated and ask for your likes and dislikes at every step of planning.

f) Starting the Renovation and Installation Process

Now that the entire plan is in place, it is time for the designer to begin the actual work, i.e., the renovation of your existing bathroom and installation of cabinets, accessories, lighting fixtures, etc. If you’re working with only a consultant, they will get you in touch with our kitchen and bathroom contractors. You can choose an organization that offers bathroom remodeling services and product ranges.

How Much Does a Bathroom Renovation Project Cost?

At the time of planning a bathroom renovation, the primary question in the mind of a homeowner is the possible cost of getting a dream bathroom. The answer depends on many factors. The space available, i.e., whether you have a large, medium, or small bathroom area, is one of the critical factors.

In addition, the kind of renovation you want will affect the pricing. For instance, if you only want a change in cosmetic features, it will cost much less than a complete rebuilding project with a new layout and construction. The cost of your dream bathroom will also vary based on the accessories, materials, fixtures, colors, etc., being used. The higher the quality of these, the costlier it will be.

Don’t forget to consider the charges of your design team. How much they will charge will depend on the services they provide. Are they just redesigning the bathroom? Will they act as a consultant and get you in touch with contractors who will perform the installation and renovation work? Is it an organization offering everything from designing to renovation to bath fittings and accessories?

The cost of renovating a bathroom can range between $5000 and $25,000 in Canada. A low-end project or a partial renovation might cost as low as $5000. On the other hand, if you choose something high-end and go for a complete remodeling to create a whole new space in the house, it can cost you as much as $25,000. It can even be $55,000+ in places like Toronto and Montreal.

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