Kitchen Cabinet Design

Are you planning a kitchen remodeling project for your home? This can be a wise move since kitchen renovations are known to yield a greater return on investment than remodeling any other room in the house. It increases both the home’s value and your personal satisfaction with new cabinets in the kitchen and professional design. There are many factors to consider with kitchen remodeling ideas, and a major piece of that is the kitchen cabinet design.


Finding the Right Cabinets for Your Kitchen

At Truax Kitchen Design Centre, we are your Windsor, Ontario kitchen remodeling experts. You can email us or visit our kitchen cabinet showroom today. There are so many elements that need to come together just right. We will transform your traditional kitchen into the one you’ve always wanted.

Do you go with granite, quartz, butcher block, laminate or some other countertop material? Do you want the silvery, modern look of stainless steel appliances consistent with a modern kitchen style? Or will you be going with another colour design theme? When considering all these aspects of your kitchen remodeling plan, pay special attention to the cabinetry.

Complete Kitchen Renovations

If the design or colours of your kitchen cabinets clashes with the appearance of your countertops, flooring or appliances, it can throw off your entire kitchen remodeling plan. Our design team knows the importance of beautiful kitchen cabinet design in creating a cohesive look for your new kitchen.

With our Windsor showroom, we also help you see what types of design and colour combinations work best before you’ve spent a dime on cabinets or contractors to install them.


Come to Our Kitchen Showroom

When you are planning your kitchen remodel, the hardest part can be trying to visualize. You need to start to think about what you are looking to achieve with your kitchen changes. From old traditional cabinets to new cabinet greatness. Of course, this visualization will be guided by your own goals behind the remodeling project.

Are you trying to create a more open space for entertaining? Perhaps your goal is to simply design a more practical and attractive kitchen for your own family’s use. Whatever your objectives, it helps to see combinations of various designs and colours of cabinetry. Then move to other secondary ideas like countertops, flooring, lighting and faucet fixtures, sinks and appliances. Find out what works best for you and we will create cabinets from your ideas.

You may find that you don’t want to go with any of the particular designs or product combinations that you see in our showroom but even this helps you narrow down your plans by determining what elements you don’t want in your final design. We can’t promise that you’ll find a combination that you want to replicate, directly from visiting the store. However, we are sure it will help get your creative juices flowing. Ultimately closer to your ideal remodeling product choices and layout for you home.


The Importance of Your Kitchen Cabinets

In most kitchens, the cabinetry probably takes up more space than anything other than the flooring, of course, since that stretches the entirety of the room. Our design team at Truax Kitchen Design Centre realizes their importance in making or breaking the look of this room, which is why we design beautiful custom cabinets that complement everything else in the room.

Kitchen Renovations Showroom in Windsor

We can create designs based on known styles such as shaker, louvered, inset, flat-panel, or other popular styles. We’ll also create them from scratch for your kitchen if none of these looks quite right in your kitchen. These are professionally handcrafted cabinets that are precisely installed whether they are overhead or below your countertops. Our designers also work with you to find the right hardware in the form of cabinet handles or knobs and drawer pulls.


Get Just the Right Colour

When you come to our showroom at Truax Kitchen Design Centre in Windsor, you will see more than just a showroom. While it is impressive, you will be even more impressed with our knowledgeable staff. We’ll make recommendations and give you ideas that you might not have considered before. We can also show you the extensive array of Benjamin Moore paints we have available, so you can give your kitchen cabinets the exact look you want.

Benjamin Moore Kitchen Paint Colours

In some instances, you may simply want to have a stain finish to bring out the beautiful, natural grain of the wood, and this can work superbly. In other situations, you’ll want to paint them to match the other design elements in your new kitchen. At our showroom, you’ll see the full variety of paint and other finishing options available to put the final touch on your kitchen remodeling project.


We Can’t Help You if You Don’t Call or Come By!

Whatever ideal look or functionality you are trying to realize by remodeling your kitchen, our designers, artisans and craftsmen have seen it all. Whether you’re aiming for a farmhouse kitchen style, a modern kitchen look or some other type, we’ve done these and other styles and designs for hundreds of other people.


Call us now for Interior Design Renovations


If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by such a project, that’s what we’re here for. We have the showroom to inspire your design imagination, and then we have the talented pros who can create the custom cabinetry needed to bring it to fruition. We have locations in Windsor and Brights Grove. Please contact us or stop by, and we’ll lend a helping hand in getting that kitchen of yours living up to your expectations.

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