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Are you planning to renovate your kitchen or bathroom or checking out remodeling stores often? Do you want to give your kitchen a whole new look? Then you certainly want the help of a kitchen and bath renovation expert. A Truax design consultant can help you build your dream kitchen and bathroom, establishing the perfect balance between functionality and beauty.

Truax Design Centre is one of the most popular kitchen and bath remodeling stores in Ontario. We understand all aspects of your bathroom and kitchen remodeling needs like fixtures, furnishings, lighting, etc., to match your dream. These are the areas where you can spend several hours looking, when experts can lead you to answers quicker. We consult with all of beloved customers, until they are pleased with the direction the renovation projects are headed with our unique approach.

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Why You May Need a Kitchen Renovation

A kitchen is an essential part of the house. In some households, this is where people spend hours and pour their heart and soul into the meals they cook for their loved ones. In other homes, a kitchen is where a family gets to share a meal together before running off to fight other battles. Whether it’s a small space to stir up your meals or a large room with a dining area, the kitchen is a crucial part of the home.

Either way, your kitchen needs to be designed in such a way that everything is conveniently available. It should also make you feel good. Plus, every kitchen says something about the people who live in the room. If you don’t find your kitchen interesting, exciting, or convenient, you need a kitchen renovation. An excellent kitchen will reflect who you are and make cooking and dining a relaxing and fun experience.

Why You Might Need Bathroom Remodeling

Every morning, before you get ready for the day and every evening after many exhausting experiences, where do you unwind and rejuvenate yourself? It’s your bathroom. Every bathroom has the potential to be luxurious. Even a small bathroom can look stunning with the right bathroom accessories, cabinets, colours, and lighting. On the other hand, a big bathroom can be ruined without the right bathroom decor.

To ensure that you start and end your day in the perfect, most energizing way possible, you need the right bathroom decor ideas, coupled with the right bathroom furniture and accessories. Of course, that must be in tandem with your taste and match the rest of the house. With the help of an expert, you can get a successful bathroom remodeling project completed in no time and within your budget.

Why Choose Truax Design Centre

Truax Design Centre is considered one of the best kitchen and bath designers in the local Windsor Ontario area. Whether you want kitchen & bath classics or contemporary designs, you will get a great ideas by visiting one of our remodeling stores. Our bath and kitchen design services are trusted by local customers. Here’s why:

Customer Care:We ensure that our customers get nothing but the best. That includes not just the best services, quality, and designs. We also pay special attention to customer satisfaction. Our experts are happy to guide you at every step and answer all your questions. We also make sure that our stores and websites are easily accessible. That’s why our customers shower us with faith and raving reviews.

  1. Expertise:

Within a short span of time, we have perfected our skills in kitchen and bathroom remodeling by working on one successful project after the other. By perfecting our craft from the very beginning, we have fast gained the trust of our customers, who spread the word about us. We design kitchens and bathrooms that cater to everyone’s needs, from vintage styles to modern decor, making us the experts in our field.

  1. Customization:

We understand that every house and every homeowner has a different need. There’s no one-size-fits-all treatment when it comes to kitchen and bath designs. So we discuss the ideas of every customer individually and take into consideration what they want. It can be based on their taste, the size of their home, the number of people who live in the house, individual budget, and many other aspects.

Truax Design Centre – Your Trusted Kitchen & Bath Specialists

Within a matter of just six years, Truax Design Centre has managed to change the face of kitchens and bath remodeling projects in Canada. One of the biggest advantages of Truax is that every customer gets equal attention here. The company has a team of expert bath and kitchen designers who know how to interpret the vision of every customer and simply the remodeling process for them.

Truax’s stores offer a wide range of bath and kitchen cabinets, fixtures, furnishings, and more, making this brand the one-stop destination for people looking to give their home a new look. If you know what exactly you need, you can take the help of our kitchen and bathroom specialists to make your dreams come true – without burning a hole in your pocket.

Even if you do not know what exactly you need, we are still here for you! Our bath and kitchen designs are one of a kind, and you will get what you didn’t know you needed in your home! Our kitchen and bathroom renovations are based on the ideas of our experienced designer team. That’s what helps us make every project we take a successful project.

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Our experts use advanced technology to customize new layouts for you to design kitchens and baths – with you. Our experts will guide you through the entire design process so that you know exactly what kindly of style you’re about to be added to your home and life. For all our projects, we take into account your budget, lifestyle, and taste.


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