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Who said you need an enormous space to build your dream kitchen? Even a small area in the corridor has the potential for a stunning contemporary kitchen. A galley kitchen design might transform your home if you have limited space for cooking.

But what are galley kitchens, and what kind of a kitchen layout do they need? Can you really jazz up your small space with such a design?


Let’s learn more about galley kitchens today!


What is a galley kitchen?


A galley kitchen, also known as a corridor kitchen, is different from a classic kitchen design. That’s because it is longer and narrower than traditional kitchen designs. This type of kitchen is built in a corridor space or walkway, making use of the walls and the area on either side of the walkway. The Gallery Kitchen has gained some ground recently due to the housing marketing, and need for optimizing smaller cooking spaces.

You can install wall units, base kitchen cabinets, countertops, and more on the two sides. The major appliances can be placed in such a way that you will be able to use the kitchen triangle efficiently and maximize the usage of the space. Though it’s more common to use both walls, you can use just one of them.

But why is the term “galley” used to describe this kind of kitchen – even though it may sound a little confusing? The word refers to the hallway-like layout of the kitchens on trains, ships, and planes. But this design has not reached residential buildings, especially those with limited space.


Galley Kitchen vs. Traditional Kitchen


A traditional kitchen is designed for large, medium, or even small homes. It has all the classic elements with organic shapes, a mix of materials, a blend of colours, etc. besides utility, traditional kitchens bring a touch of luxury and elegance – and can even reflect vintage European and American architecture.

In comparison, galley kitchens are modern layouts with the focus primarily on utility and convenience. They are organized in such a way that no corner or space goes unutilized, and you have complete comfort. You can also enjoy sufficient storage space in these kitchens. The colour schemes used in such galley kitchens usually include light pastel shades, along with shiny laminations and block shapes.

You may not be able to add luxury pieces like kitchen islands unless there’s sufficient space in the kitchen and the accent piece’s shape syncs with that of the kitchen layout. Everything from wall units to the breakfast bar is to be added with the aim to save space, make things convenient for you, and create the illusion of a large room. Even the appliances in a galley kitchen are usually built-in.

Built-in devices save both counter space and floor space – and so are tall units and wall cabinets that make use of horizontal space. This gives galley kitchens a tidy look. Light colours, grey floors, inset cabinet frames – galley kitchens are the modern solution to limited space, adding a beautiful cooking area to your home.


Why You Should Choose a Galley Kitchen


The advantages of galley kitchens are plenty. Let’s take a look:

  1. This layout can make use of a small piece of available space instead of taking up an entire room.
  2. This kitchen design takes less kitchen floor and counter area, allowing your free movement.
  3. With less countertop and cabinetry, kitchen remodelling costs are reduced drastically.
  4. It facilitates a more convenient kitchen triangle and makes everything easily accessible.
  5. It’s easy to divide this layout into various working areas for more convenience.
  6. It provides ample storage, putting walls and under-counter areas to complete use.
  7. These small and sleek kitchens are easy to clean and maintain.
  8. This layout can also be applied to a central kitchen for professional chefs.
  9. A galley kitchen design is smart and contemporary, perfect for modern homes.

However, there are a few drawbacks that you must keep in mind. This type of kitchen offers less counter space. This may make it difficult for multiple cooks to work in the kitchen simultaneously – unless the layout has been deliberately used in a professional kitchen for multiple cooks. There’s also less space for large appliances, fancy sinks, or accent furniture. It may also affect the resale value of the property.


How to Make the Best of a Galley Kitchen Design in Your Home


To ensure that you can enjoy your cooking time within the tight space of a galley kitchen in your small home, you can incorporate the following tips:

a) Basic Fittings and Furnishings

The point of a galley kitchen is to make the best use of limited space. So it’s best to eliminate elaborate kitchen islands, breakfast bars, etc. Instead, use simple upper and lower units, small mobile islands, etc.

b) Space-Saving Devices and Sinks

Remember that the space available on the counters in a galley kitchen will be less. So, don’t waste useful space and choose sleek appliances and sinks. You can also select built-in devices, undermount sink, etc.

c) Light/Neutral Colours

Light and neutral shades can make a small space look much bigger – and they work perfectly for a galley kitchen. Use bright shades for walls, counters, appliances, etc., and lightly stained wooden cabinets.

d) Visual Accents

To make the kitchen look interesting, you can add a pop of colour, pattern, or texture that stands out. It can also be a unique light fixture or exciting faucets and fittings. This will also reflect your personality.

e) One/Two-Wall Usage

It’s essential to consider the width of the walkway or aisle that you’re about to turn into a kitchen. If the width is too small, you can use only one of the walls to add the cabinets, wall units, appliances, etc.

Truax Design Centre can Help!


There’s a lot to do with a galley kitchen to make it look fun and large – while you can make the best of the space for your daily cooking needs. To make the best use of a narrow corridor and turn it into a beautiful kitchen that everyone will adore, get in touch with design experts and kitchen contractors.


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