Kitchen Remodeling Plan
After spring cleaning comes summer, and hopefully a vacation 🙂 But with less people traveling these days, more people are focused on home renovation projects. Let our professional team help you with your home remodeling journey.
Depending on what type of renovations you need, we will tailor the design process to your home and budget. Whether you want a white, modern look or a more natural, woody feel, let us help with your remodeling tasks. We offer quality home renovation help and design to allow you to see things for yourself in our all-in-one showroom in Windsor, Ontario.
Take the first steps on your home remodeling journey by seeing what Truax can do for the different areas of your house. Let’s go!


How many hours a day do you spend in your kitchen? According to Statista.com, it could be anywhere from 31-60 minutes. At Truax Design Centre, we realize your new kitchen needs to be functional and fashionable. Our complete renovation services will cover everything you need, from countertops to kitchen cabinets. Speaking of cabinets, we use brands made in Canada!
If you need to make that hour and a half in the kitchen the best part of your day, help is just a phone call away. We do both indoor and outdoor renovations. Schedule a complete kitchen remodel today!


Do you have a bathroom renovation project that you’ve been putting off for years? Have you tried everything to make your bathroom look its best? Probably not; Reader’s Digest has some truly creative bathroom-cleaning tricks! Bathrooms can be among the hardest areas of a house to clean and repair because of how moist they get. If you still can’t get your bathroom sparkling, consider our bathroom remodeling service.
Truax Design Centre has everything you need for your bathroom remodelling projects. Come see our showroom in Windsor for bathroom renovation ideas. Whether it involves replacing shower doors, bathroom floors, or more costly bathroom renovation work, we aim to satisfy all your bathroom remodelling needs—and maybe exceed them!

Windows & Doors

There are many reasons one might need to replace a door or window. Truax Designs offers many different styles of doors and windows, from simple panes of glass to elaborate, crystalline designs. You could get a simple glass replacement, or upgrade to something fancier. We even offer over 80 custom door handles for that extra touch of class. You can’t go wrong with our quality home renovations!


Entertainment Centres

A lot of us have unkempt, spooky basements that could be something more. If you are just using your basement to store old boxes, you aren’t using it to its full potential. Maybe it’s time to start a basement remodelling project. If you already have a television or gaming system down there, why not turn it into an entertainment centre?

An entertainment centre is more than just a TV or game console in a room. Technically, it’s an addition to your home. This setup is designed to hold your TV, DVD player, and other devices while looking good and concealing most of the wires. With this shelving unit, your underground TV room will look stylish instead of being a big, wiry mess.

Our woodworking professionals can turn your basement from a storage area to a relaxation station. Come to our Windsor showroom to see what a luxury entertainment centre looks like!


Mud & Laundry Rooms

What if the room where you did all your dirty laundry had a sleek, clean look? The messiest room in your house could become a conversation starter with a cost-effective remodel. If you have any doubts, stop by our design showroom in Windsor. Who would have thought a laundry room could look so good and be Organized… Oh My!?

When it comes to getting organized, Truax doesn’t stop at rooms. We also design closets and cabinets specifically for you and your lifestyle. And you can look at many of them in person, just to make sure that everything fits perfectly.


Visit our Showroom!

But maybe your home is, shall we say, a “fixer-upper.” You may need a whole-home remodel. Luckily for you, Truax Design Centre’s unique showroom covers every room detailed on the website, all in one facility. You can get a good idea of how, for example, a cabinet will look in your house before bringing it home. It’s the best way to see what look is right for your home.
If you’re in Essex County, you are only a few miles away from making your house look better than ever before—and you can see every room in one place!


Whether you have bathroom remodelling projects, need basement remodelling, or require some other type of renovations, Truax Design has what you’re looking for. You can see what advanced home renovations we have to offer in our all-in-one showroom, located in Windsor, Ontario.
Call us now for Interior Design Renovations
Our design experts are always available to help you with your home remodeling journey especially if you need a custom order. Call us or contact us on our website to plan your visit to our Windsor, Ontario showroom today!

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