Kitchens are the heart of your Home

There’s a saying along the lines of “home is where the heart is.” But what’s at the heart of your home? It should probably be your kitchen! The kitchen is for cooking meals, gathering and sharing meals… which affects everyone in your household. It is also a surprising source of self-expression and may affect the air you breathe. Read on to learn more about why some people think the kitchen is the heart of your home and why you should make that heart as healthy and beautiful as possible!

Kitchens Have Changed

The first thing to understand is that kitchens have changed over the years. Some older houses have a small, cramped, simple kitchen designed for meal preparation and little else; some of our readers probably remember those! They sometimes lack a dining table, so food has to move from one room to another before being served.

Kitchen with Eating Nook

But modern kitchens are a whole other animal. As per MyMove.com, the kitchen has evolved into a new form of living space. The current kitchen is much larger and frequently doubles as a dining room. There is no need to leave the room. We deal with outdated kitchens regularly and can help with any kitchen renovation project!

Kitchens Affect Your Air Quality

Did you know that even if you live in a polluted city, your indoor air quality might be worse than the air outside? According to Dyson.com, the air inside your house can be more dangerous than you think! While the exact components will vary with your appliances, cooking on a stove can release nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and even formaldehyde into your home! And, of course, cooking sprays, Teflon pans, and other chemicals may put stuff into the air that you would rather not inhale.

Even if you cook healthy food, you may release something unhealthy into the air. All cooking produces “particulate matter”—a catch-all term for the debris made from cooking, especially from a gas stove. A well-designed kitchen has adequate ventilation. If you suffer from asthma symptoms, your kitchen design may be responsible.

Going Green? Start with Your Kitchen

You may have noticed that we mentioned stoves above. If you have an electric stove, you aren’t in the clear but you are headed in the right direction. As a rule of thumb, modern kitchen appliances are not only more energy-efficient but also safer.

Likewise, kitchen trends have steered away from white and towards woody, natural hues. Some people even put indoor plants in their kitchens—bonus points if you have an herb garden waiting for a home-cooked meal! Something as small as a plant can bring your kitchen to life.

Kitchens Are a Form of Self-Expression

You might have a bunch of your kids’ drawings up on the refrigerator, but don’t let the art stop there. Cooking is also an art. But did you know that you can also turn the kitchen itself into an aesthetically-pleasing part of the house? Keeping it clean is one thing, but having a bright kitchen with a satisfying layout and custom-made cabinets can make cooking breakfast feel more fulfilling.

Everything from your kitchen layout to your cabinet doors can say something about the kind of space you want to create. Do you want an ornate, spacious kitchen or a simple, white kitchen that is easier to clean? What about different colours or indoor plants? However you like your kitchen space, our professional designers can give you pointers and kitchen upgrades that reflect your unique personal style. Our professional kitchen designers can help you realize your renovation dreams.

Everybody Sees Your Kitchen

Returning to our first point, kitchens have changed. Gone are the days of moms cooking simple meals in solitude while everyone else waits at the dinner table in another room. If you have guests over, they will probably see your kitchen (or ask to see it). Guests may also offer to help with cooking or cleaning.

Happy Kitchens Windsor

Being on lockdown has also impacted how people see their kitchens. Since many of us have had to do more and more things at home, kitchens have become even more important to our daily lives. Modern kitchen designs are now more like a living space; the boundary between kitchen and dining room is blurred if it’s there at all! People will see your entire kitchen; shouldn’t it reflect you?


You have probably never thought about it, but if the home is where the heart is, the heart of the home is the kitchen. From indoor air quality to aesthetics, we believe that your dream kitchen should show what’s in your heart. Let our professional kitchen designers help you through the entire process of your kitchen makeover.

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Truax Design Centre uses quality materials to make sure your kitchen looks as good as your wholesome meals taste. We hope to see you for your next kitchen remodeling project. Stop by our Windsor showroom and see our beautiful kitchen options for yourself!

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