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It’s no secret that kitchen renovations can be a time-consuming endeavor. On top of the associated costs, you will also have to find somewhere else to prepare and eat your meals for the foreseeable future. So, what should you do if you are working with a tight budget and limited free time to update your kitchen today?

More and more Ontario homeowners are answering this question by making small, budget-friendly adjustments to their kitchens that are in keeping up with current kitchen trends, without breaking the bank. From repainting your kitchen cabinets to changing your overhead lighting, there are numerous ways to simply but effectively update your kitchen!


Use Quality Paint

The quickest way to update a space is to give it a fresh coat of quality paint. A new coat of paint can conceal any scuffs or stains, making your kitchen feel cleaner in an instant.

If you decide to repaint your kitchen, you do not have to follow the current design. Choosing a bold, bright color for an accent wall… which not only gives a room more depth but also creates the opportunity to introduce the accent color across the rest of your kitchen with new smaller appliances or accessories. By purchasing tea towels or maybe a toaster in the same color, you can create a coordinated and stylish space within a limited budget. This can turn an outdated, neutral kitchen into a vibrant and welcoming space.

You are not restricted to simply repainting the walls. When you do not have the funds to replace your cabinets, you can simply repaint them. Picking a soft, earthy tone can make your kitchen space feel cozier, or, you can pick a bright, eye-catching color for a fresher look. There is no limit to your options when it comes to repainting your kitchen. If you are unsure how to go about repainting your cabinets, there are numerous kitchen cupboard paint kits available online.

Accessorize The Kitchen Space

When you don’t have the budget for your dream kitchen, adding some unique, decorative pieces can breathe new life into your cooking space. Whether you choose a bold modern piece of artwork or search for a secondhand antique piece, a new accessory can draw attention away from dated cabinets and chipped worktops.

If you have repainted your walls, hanging a new piece of art can add detail to the wall and break up a monotonous flat space. You can also tie in colors from the print in other areas of the kitchen to create an effortlessly coordinated space.

Accessories can serve more than an aesthetic purpose. Adding shelving or a freestanding cabinet can create extra storage space whilst also giving you the opportunity to introduce new colors and textures to your kitchen.

As more people move away from having upper cabinets, open shelving has become increasingly popular. These shelves allow you to convert your favorite dishes into a stylish display while creating more space and light.

If you are in desperate need of more storage space but cannot afford built-in cabinets, then a freestanding dresser or glass cabinet is an ideal solution. Not only is this an opportunity to introduce a new style or color into the pre-established design, but it can also connect the kitchen to other rooms in the house, creating a sense of flow and cohesion.

Alternatives to Kitchen Islands

A freestanding island is a dream many homeowners have given the opportunities it represents to increase counter space whilst also providing a focal point in the room. While adding an island typically necessitates a kitchen remodel, there are several alternatives that can serve the same purpose at a fraction of the price.

Purchasing a high-standing table or workbench can create the same counter space without requiring costly custom designs and installation. Choosing a vintage piece is an effective way to add flare to your outdated kitchen. Alternatively, you can upcycle your current furniture and refresh it for its new purpose with a lick of paint.

Adding seating around the table or workbench is a simple way to follow the current trend of converting kitchens into hybrid spaces. The kitchen is no longer simply for cooking but is instead a place for socialization and relaxation. Seating provides the opportunity for your friends and family to join you while cooking.

Change Your Cabinet Hardware

After years of hard use, your cabinet handles and tap may look scruffy and outdated. Luckily, these fixtures can quickly and cheaply be swapped out for a stylish new alternative. If you are feeling especially daring, more and more kitchen designers are promoting mixed metallic finishes to create a dynamic and bold space.

While a new tap will be slightly more expensive, handles can be cheaply acquired directly from our Kitchen Showroom. New handles serve as a great alternative to replacing the whole cabinet and, when combined with a fresh coat of paint, can completely update your kitchen design.

Combining new metal furnishings with accompanying light fixtures in the same metallic tone can add warmth to your kitchen, making the space feel cozy and inviting.

Update your Kitchen Today!

There is no need to throw out your entire kitchen and start again from scratch. By employing some elbow grease and exploring new color options, you can quickly and cheaply refresh your kitchen. A modern update through a few simple changes can create a cooking and hosting space you won’t want to stop using.

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