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Kitchen design & installation is constantly evolving as people find innovative ways to optimize space without sacrificing style. From dark modern cabinets to combining metallic finishes, 2023 has ushered in countless new kitchen renovation trends. Read on to find out what other homeowners in Bright’s Grove, Ontario are doing to update their living spaces.

Combining Bright Colors and Wood

Recent years have seen a return to more rustic, naturalistic interior design elements and 2023 is no exception. This trend sees design teams combining bright, lively colors, such as rosy pinks and sky blues, with rich wood tones, to add contrast and depth.

Homeowners no longer need to fear louder, bolder colors. The all-white kitchen is rapidly becoming a fixture of the past as people move toward warmer tones that encourage joy and relaxation. These colors can also be introduced through the walls if brightly painted cabinets are too much for some people.

Combining these colors with wood tones emphasizes their warmth and works to form deeper spaces by creating layers of contrast. While stainless steel appliances remain popular, homeowners can counterbalance these cooler tones by replacing their upper cabinets with wooden shelving or by displaying wooden utensils.

These wood tones can also serve to connect the kitchen to outdoor spaces, creating a seamless flow between different entertaining areas. When looking for design inspiration, consider a color design theme to liven up your living space.

Replacing Upper Cabinets with Shelving

Regardless of the color palette, new kitchen design & installation are increasingly removing the upper cabinets and putting open shelving in their place. As with many current design ideas, this change seeks to make the space feel more open by letting additional light in.

This change gives homeowners the opportunity to design unique, minimalistic displays and creates the illusion of extra counter space. Removing kitchen cabinets declutters the upper wall space, making even the smallest kitchens feel more spacious. Here are some good rule to follow for kitchen remodeling.

However, implementing these minimalistic types of design reduces your storage space. Instead of being able to hide away half-empty boxes of cereal and random appliances, these open shelves represent a tailored display of carefully selected items.

Layering Blacks

Perhaps one of the boldest trends of 2023, this style sees design teams incorporating black appliances, black countertops, and black cabinets into their kitchens without the typical pops of color to contrast and offset it. Black kitchens are going against the norms of yesterday.

In open-plan living spaces, this dramatic, moody design allows the kitchen to stand out within the larger space. To complete the look, homeowners can balance the color of the kitchen by pairing it with another black object, such as a fireplace or bookcase, on the opposite wall. This creates cohesion within the space.

If these concept kitchens are not to your taste, some designers suggest pairing black countertops and appliances with wood tones. This reintroduces some warmth into the design and works to break up solid blocks of color.

Eco Alternatives

Whether homeowners are ordering custom cabinets or looking to purchase kitchen sets from retailers, more and more people are seeking environmentally friendly options for their kitchen renovations. This includes finding ethically sourced materials or, in some cases, recycling and repurposing objects.

When discussing custom designs, many homeowners are requesting more sustainable options that are built to last. As such, timber and concrete are increasingly being incorporated into kitchen renovation projects because these materials retain their strength and aesthetic appeal for far longer than plastic alternatives.

As the design landscape begins to shift further into environmentally friendly and sustainable kitchen designs, more solutions are being found, expanding the options available to consumers.

Combining Metals

Previous design trends have seen the same metal implemented across the whole kitchen, from the cabinet handles to the plumbing fixtures. Now, designers are experimenting with combinations of different metals and stain finishes.

By selecting two to three metal tones that complement one another, homeowners can add extra flare to their kitchens and add aesthetic appeal to functional necessities. These small alterations can make a space appear more sophisticated and can add more dimension to the overall appearance of the kitchen.

This is one of the easiest trends to implement in your own kitchen because it does not necessitate a kitchen remodeling project. Simply by changing the handles on your current cabinets, you can add an extra flourish to your kitchen.

Freestanding Storage

As the kitchen is becoming its own unique living space, it has also become increasingly more versatile. Rather than being comprised entirely of built-in pieces, homeowners are incorporating freestanding furniture into their kitchens.

Whether people choose a dresser or a glass cabinet, these storage pieces connect the kitchen to the rest of the home and make it a more flexible space. Homeowners can use this additional furniture to add contrasting colors or textures to the area, introducing a new style into the previously established design. It can also make the space feel more homely as people can display items of significance that do not have any practical purpose in the kitchen here.

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