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One of the ideal ways to give your dream home the perfect feel is to get the perfect bathroom and kitchen. If you live in Windsor and would like a trusted guide to help decorate your bathroom and kitchen, Truax Design should be your ideal partner. We specialize in Kitchen cabinet renovations and bathroom redesigns. It’s the best bath & kitchen idea center in Windsor.

We are a premier design showroom and remodeling service provider with top-quality products for which we collaborate with the best suppliers in the country. We also have a team of expert designers, material providers, and craftsmen who will give you the best experience, whether you want a renovation or a new design for your home.

Truax Design Showroom – Your Ideal Bath & Kitchen Idea Center in Windsor

Our kitchen & bath showroom is a place where your dream of a beautiful home can come true. While some people have a clear vision of what they want, others have a vague idea. Our showroom consultants are equipped to help you by understanding your design preferences and then giving you design and product suggestions accordingly.

The experts on our team are the best in their craft. They are updated about the latest trends and technology in the field. But it doesn’t stop there. They are imaginative and innovative. Thus, they put together the art and science of designing the perfect kitchen & bath for every Windsor home.

From choosing the right architectural placement spot based on space requirements to adding the right kitchen faucets or cabinets to match the color and texture of the space – we can help you with everything. Whether you’re looking for some inspiration or already have an idea in your mind, you can come to us to get the best makeover with us. We will assign you a dedicated consultant who will help you at every step.

Our stores have a wide variety of options for products like bath & kitchen cabinets, lighting fixtures, at our showroom. You will have the chance to choose from different materials, looks, styles, themes, and more. If our modern and traditional products don’t match your thoughts, we will source the finest products from quality manufacturers for you.

Our experts are equipped with advanced 3D remodeling technology and exceptional design and product knowledge. This helps them to customize layouts for your home’s bath & kitchen improvement project. We’ll guide you at each step of the design process and help you find exactly what will suit your imagination and your everyday life. We ensure that every customer walks out with a positive experience.

Our Process

We have a simple but fool-proof process of customer interaction to ensure that you get what you need at a pocket-friendly price. Our talented staff will help you there. The steps of working with us include the following –

Scheduling an Appointment: The first step is to make an appointment by calling us. You should set aside 30-90 minutes for your store visit before scheduling. The time will depend on the project size and how much help you will require. Accordingly, we will assign you one of our professional consultants to meet you and help you understand the entire process of planning, selection, and execution of the bath and kitchen cabinet design.

b) ​​Space Availability:

To get a clear understanding of the space available, our experts will require measurements of the space. If you bring the measurements, blueprints, required layouts, photos, etc., with you during your store visit, our experts will get an immediate idea of your available space, and it will be possible for them to understand the layout of the kitchen or bathroom, its light sources, and more.

​c) Intent of the Project

What are you expecting out of the kitchen or bathroom project in your home, and how are you planning to use the space? Understanding the intent of the project and the plans for the utilization of the space are essential for us. For instance, a bathroom for an elderly person’s usage will be different from a on suite bath. A family kitchen isn’t the same as that of a bachelor pad. Accordingly, we’ll pick the right products.

d) Design Inspirations:

Do you think your kitchen or bathroom should showcase your life, personality, or culture? We can help bring that to life! Are you still confused by all the inspiring designs you constantly see on Pinterest, Instagram, decor magazines, and blogs? Bring them to us when you visit our store – and we will help pick the right design idea that fits your home and lifestyle. We can also customize a design with your favorite elements.

Based on the above, we will create designs that will give you your dream kitchen and bathroom. To make sure that your home has the best, we will bring top-quality products from the best suppliers and manufacturers in this industry. We will also discuss your budget to plan a pocket-friendly project.

Why Truax Design?

Truax Design has years of experience in the industry, making us one of the most reliable bath and kitchen idea centers in Canada. We have multiple showrooms in locations nearest to you – and our store consultants will help transform your dream into a reality. As we leverage our experience and expertise in designing, your kitchen and bathroom will not only look gorgeous but will offer perfect functionality.

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