Bathroom Renovation in Windsor Ontario

Do you often walk into your bathroom and think of getting it renovated or remodeled? We all feel that way sometimes. Bathroom renovations in Windsor are not a challenging task, thanks to any local contractor or company that offers renovation services.

Yet, when customers in Windsor call us at Truax Design Centre or contact us at our showroom for more information about our home improvement services, we notice that they are hesitant.


The price of remodeling a bathroom or kitchen or any kind of construction work is one of the main reasons behind the fear of renovations. But if you compare the costs of home improvements, be it bathroom remodeling or kitchen renovations, in Windsor and Essex County areas with other parts of Canada, you’ll know that you’re in for pocket-friendly renovation work in your home. Not to mention the increase in resale value for your home?

Importance of Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom renovations are extremely important, especially when you have seniors in the house. The majority of the injuries in seniors in Windsor take place in the house, especially in the bathroom. So, a home improvement task is more than just changing the aesthetic value of the home. It is a matter of safety.

In order to make your bathrooms in your Windsor house safe and accessible for everyone in the family, including senior members, children, and even disabled family members, you need bathroom remodeling contractors in Windsor to help you with your bathroom renovation project in your budget.

Bathroom renovations may include the installation of plumbing fixtures or bathing accessories for safety and accessibility, such as the following:

a) Shower Seat – 

In order to make your bathrooms safe and easy-to-use, a shower seat can be greatly helpful. If someone in your family has trouble standing for a long time, a shower seat can be a blessing. It is also a great addition to the bathroom for those who just enjoy sitting down while washing themselves.

b) Hand Shower – 

A hand-held showerhead is an excellent fixture to enjoy a nice warm bath at the end of the day and blast your back and legs with piping hot water when they are killing you. Besides, if your bathroom design does not allow the fixed shower head to be on the top of your shower seat, a handheld one is needed.

c) Grab Bar – 

Grab bars should be installed around the shower in all key places to provide extra support and assistance. You have to install them near the shower seat, toilet, outside the shower, and more. Bathroom remodeling contractors will be able to guide you with the correct placement of these bars.

d) Tub Cut – 

Everyone deserves a hot bath in the bathtub. But for people with mobility issues, stepping into the bathtub can be quite a challenge. So you can retrofit your bathtub with an opening so that anyone using it can simply walk in. Your bathtub cut can get a door and can be wide enough for a wheelchair.

e) Curbless Shower – 

Another way to make showers more accessible for everyone in the family is by having curbless showers. If a family member is unable to lift their legs, a curbless shower can make life a lot easier. Otherwise, shifting from the wheelchair to the shower seat can be a challenge, for the person and his caregiver.

f) Raising the Toilet Height  – 

Raising the height of the toilet by a couple of inches can make a world of difference for anyone in the family who has problems with their knees or hips. There are options to get this done by adding a thicker toilet seat or replacing the current toilet with a higher one. Accordingly, contact a professional.

These are simple changes to the bathroom in your home during any bathroom remodel work. But for the right plan, you need the help of a contractor who can guide you. From selecting the right anti-slip mats and thick rags to finding level faucets, your home improvement contractor in Windsor can help at each step.

What is the average cost to remodel your bathroom?

Everyone gets stumped by the idea of home improvements thinking about bathroom or kitchen renovation costs. After all, any kind of construction or renovation job in your home can be costly. The average cost of renovations in the bathroom of your home will depend on a number of factors like –

  1. Which location in Canada you live in – and the average cost of a bathroom renovation in that area
  2. What kind of a house you live in and how big your bathroom is
  3. Kind of renovation: complete remodeling with new construction or additions of units and fixtures
  4. How luxurious you want to get with your work of home improvements and unit additions
  5. Service charges of contractors experienced in home improvements, construction job, etc.
  6. Taxes, permits, and inspections, if needed.

The average cost of bathroom renovations in Canada is about $13,400, though depending on various factors, it can be anything between $7790 and $19,340. But of course, it can go even lower. The cost of living in Windsor is generally lower, and so is the cost of bathroom renovations and home improvements.

How much does it cost to renovate a bathroom in Ontario?

On average, the cost of bathroom renovations in Ontario is about $11,000+. That’s what most homeowners have paid for the bathroom renovation costs. If we look at it more specifically, the average cost of bathroom renovations in Ontario is $11340. In Windsor alone, it is $11640.

These estimates include the average cost of a) labor, b) equipment and materials, and c) remodeling work costs and cleanup fees for bathroom renovations in Ontario. The highest cost of bathroom renovations in is about $18,810, and the lowest that people here have paid for it is $3866.

Apart from these, there are some other costs that you may have to incur, like permit cost and inspection fees, if applicable. In addition, you will have to consider the sales taxes applicable to the materials and supply. Don’t forget the fees for the services of a contractor or home renovation company, which are usually between $1,360 and $1,700.

If we look at Windsor specifically, the maximum cost reported for bathroom renovations is about $19300, while the lowest that Windsor people have paid is about $3970. Besides the average cost of $11640, and other applicable fees and taxes, Windsor contractors ask for service charges of around $1,400-$1,750 for their services and workmanship.

So, clearly, the cost of renovating small bathrooms in a Windsor home can be low. If your budget is tight and your renovation targets are minimal, you can expect to spend around $4000 for your bathroom renovations in Windsor. The fancier you want to get with the job, the costlier your renovation work will become.

Final Words:

For the best home improvements, bathroom renovations, and kitchen remodeling work in Windsor Ontario, contact Truax Design Centre, a company known for its customer service, superior project management, and top results in home renovations performed by experienced contractors.

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